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WTF!!? What The Festival Wrap Up

Seriously What The Festival WTF!  When we finally rolled into WTF on the Friday after having spent 9 hours in our vehicle (2 unceremoniously waiting in the border line) we had no idea what we had signed up for. My recollection of previous inaugural festivals is a far cry from what met us at the gates.

What The Festival was located in the desert Valley of the White River Canyon in Oregon. The location was picturesque and the production value was high but unpretentious. Combined with the great musical talent lined up on the roster we had an inkling this Festival was going to be off the hook!

So here are our top ten highlights in no particular order during WTF!


We can’t get over the great music we heard all weekend! If you’re in to bass music, this was the festival for you! Emancipator was amazing, the Headtron guys (Gladkill, Jupit3r and Sugarpill) blew our minds. Big Gigantic never disappoints and Beats Antique were brilliant on the Friday night. Though the real surprise for us was Ghostland Observatory. They, by no stretch of the imagination would really qualify as bass music, but damn those boys from Austin know how to rock! (Stay tuned in the coming weeks for interviews from a bunch of those artists).

The Splash Pool!

When we think of Oregon, hot is not normally in our vocabulary. Even after we learned it was in a desert valley, we weren’t expecting that kind of heat. Lucky for us and everyone else, WTF knew it was going to be a scorcher and set up a giant splash pool in the middle of the festival to help us all from melting away. Surrounded by cabanas, sand and great sound the pool stage delivered like nothing else. During the day, it became the epicentre of the festival. Laughing, splashing people danced around to some nice afternoon beats. The best part of it was that they emptied it, filtered and refilled it every day so nobody had to splash around in three days of party juice.

Good Times Yoga With Nona Fender & The Benders!

Why can’t all yoga classes be like Good Times. We honestly have not laughed so hard in a yoga class. The combination of high heels, high hair and perky tits was enough to have us hightail ourselves over to the Hobohemian LOL stage on Saturday and Sunday morning. Lead by Nona Fender, the class was a ridiculous cocktail of  yoga, booties, breasts and air guitar. We left feeling refreshed and oh so saucy.

Tea Time!

After having our eyes sufficiently ramped into overdrive with Ghostland Observatory’s light show we had to take some time to just chill out. When we stumbled through to the Hobohemian stage to our delight we discovered we had also stumbled upon tea time.  The low tables surrounded by pillows and ornate carpets were not just there for eating your food on during the day, but had turned into a chill area and social space for those who needed to some delicious ginger capsicum tea to soothe their weary souls.

Mr. Toads Gypsy Wagon and the Hookah Lounge!

Imagine watching the sunset, on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful canyon bluffs, dusk settling around you. Now imagine that inside a Gypsy Wagon drinking tea by lantern light or smoking shisha on a white Victorian chaise lounge. You can’t, well sir then you have not lived, and need to check out WTF next year.

Weird Time Comix!

Weird Time Comix was a favorite of ours. It might have something to with me being such a comic book nerd. Or it could have something to do with the awesome conversation we had with the creators about comics being the new mythology of western culture. Or it could just be the fact that I’m a sucker for the combination of art and technology. Their use of traditional art, video mapping and motion capture was great. It was a fantastic installation and I appreciate the fact that its creators were super excited to converse with people about their project.
Considering we only packed kettle chips and PBR ,we were so grateful for the plethora of food choices at WTF especially since some were open 24 hours. From hand thrown pizza to raw food smoothies, there was something for everyones palette. One of our favorites was the deep-fried mushrooms at Sammitch Time and the refreshing Kombucha Mimosa at Get Fried Rice.

Boasting more than a dozen vendors, the Marketplace was any festival shoppers dream. I wish vendors accepted love and adoration as a feasible form of currency because I coveted something at every single vendor. Fortunately we walked away with a couple rad purchases. Alex got a great pair of burgundy shortaloons (hybrid shorts and pantaloon) by Heathen. While I purchased the best piece of jewelry I have to date a Unihorny necklace by Blamo, and a beautiful skirt by Dwanjabi.

Visual Art!

I love that visual art is becoming not only a mainstay at festivals but an integral part of anyones festival experience. WTF ran the gambit with visual art, from live painting, live screen printing by Chris Wu to the behemoth “Candelaphytes” and climeable “Lily Flowers”. The no touching and no photo rules of the white cubed gallery were nowhere to be seen here.

Our American Neighbors!

We would just like to say how much we love our neighbors to the south. We have met nothing but great folks on our adventures down to the states and our camp mates at WTF were no different. Our friendly neighbors provided us with entertainment, air mattress pumps, champagne, chocolate and even left energy bars in our camping chairs for us on Sunday night, knowing that we had to make a 8 hour drive back to Vancouver BC. You know who you are 🙂


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