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The Village Sessions: Evol Intent Live at Shambhala 2012

All You Need is Bass and PK Sound are proud to present The Village Sessions.  This ongoing podcast will feature the best performances from The Village Stage, recorded live at Shambhala 2012.

In session 5, we bring you the dark and hard drum and bass Evol Intent laid down at this years Shambhala. After the sun went down behind the mountains and the light disappeared from the valley, Gigantor of EVOL Intent brought levels of darkness the Village hasn’t seen for years. Coming out of the gate swinging with aggressive basslines and explosive snares this set is packed full of unreleased dance floor smashers!

With mix of hard-hitting techstep, massive dubstep tracks and enough attitude to get you sidewise looks from the blue haired old lady with the yappy Chihuahua’s next door – this set should be played at maximum volume because if your neighbours can’t feel it through the walls, you’re doing it wrong. So, play this set loud tonight and give the ghosts and ghouls visiting your door for candy a little treat with their tricks.

Thank you Evol Intent for shaking The Village and keeping it legit.


Evol Intent – Shambhala 2012 mixset

01) Evol Intent & Noisia – Untitled (fuckinWitThatLiquid WIP)

02) Knife Party – Bonfire

03) Skrillex – dnbting

04) Evol Intent – Untitled (thisIsNotADream WIP)

05) Evol Intent – PUNCHOUT!

06) Dilemn feat. Ayah Marar – Talk About Us

07) Computer Club & Must Die! feat. Anna Yvette – Win Or Lose

08) Evol Intent – Middle Of The Night (Reso Remix)

09) Evol Intent – Dead On Arrival

10) Ewun – Cop Killa

11) Evol Intent – Bloody Halos edit

12) Evol Intent – Call To Arms

13) Evol Intent & Gein – Hit Em Up

14) Evol Intent – Hollow Earth

15) Evol Intent – Untitled (fuckScene WIP)

16) Heist – Circuit Trouble

17) Wickaman & Hoodlum – Big Fat Bass

18) Loadstar – Bomber 

19) Reso – Ishimura Flats (Evol Intent Remix)

20) Evol Intent feat. Blip – Flipside (Spor VIP)

21) Bad Company – The Nine (Evol Intent Edit)

22) Evol Intent feat. Anna Yvette – The Other Side VIP (WIP)

23) Evol Intent feat. Jackie B – Under (Bro Safari Remix)

24) Kill The Noise – Jokes On You (Kill The Noise Remix)

25) Feed Me – Bad Taste (WIP)

26) Bro Safari – Upset Composer (WIP)

27) Kanye West – Mercy (Le Doom feat. Vegas Banger Remix) 

28) Knife Party – Centipede 

29) Dilemn – Afraid Of Change

30) Evol Intent & Gridlok – Untitled (theAlienIsReal WIP)


Special thanks to PK Sound for bringing the bass and stage; Shambhala Music Festival for hosting the party; Head Effect Mobile Recording who recorded and mastered this set; The Village volunteers for making it magical; and everyone who danced their asses off all weekend long. We also want send out an extra special thanks to J.F.Killah and Eradik for recording the intro and outro for our podcast and Inna K for the photo.

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