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The Village Sessions: Amadeus Live at Shambhala 2012

All You Need is Bass and PK Sound are proud to present The Village Sessions.  This ongoing podcast will feature the best performances from The Village stage, recorded live at Shambhala 2012.

Session four comes direct from Brooklyn’s Dubwize champion, Amadeus. Skillfully blending a warm selection of dubwize and ragga drum and bass, this set was spun during a perfect sunny Friday afternoon.

Amadeus is no stranger to dubwize and ragga drum and bass, from one of his first acclaimed mix cd’s “Midsummer Night Sessions” in 2001 to producing hit “The Brooklyn Dubwize EP” last year.  His mixes and podcasts feature the best of dubwize and ragga drum and bass.

Experiencing Amadeus at The Village stage was a dream come true for many happy souls. Definetly one of my personal Shambhala highlights. This set has the power to change any mood for the best. May it bring a huge smile to your face just like the girl in the pic!

Special thanks to PK Sound for bringing the bass and stage; Shambhala Music Festival for hosting the party; Head Effect Mobile Recording who recorded and mastered this set; The Village volunteers for making it magical; and everyone who danced their asses off all weekend long. We also want send out an extra special thanks to J.F.Killah and Eradik for recording the intro and outro for our podcast and K.Lea for the photo.

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