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Ultimate Guide to Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing at festivals is all the rage these days, but for a lot of people new to the scene it’s hard to navigate the best lures to use. Check out our definitive guide on the best lures to use when you’re out this summer.

Miami Buzzbait

Where to cast: Ultra Music Festival
Why it works: You wouldn’t think that baiting a hook with a mix of floor scored baggies and promo copies of your friend’s shitty mix would work. Apparently at Ultra, that’s exactly what you need to use in order to catch anything.
What you’ll catch: Probably a nasty STI, but hey that’s what happens when you go fishing at Ultra.

Gypsy Wobbler

Where to cast: Shambhala / FozzyFest / Lightning in a Bottle /Any festival on the West Coast
Why it works: This lure works great for any sort of West Coast bass fishing. It’s made of $400 feather earrings and leather stripped from the finest gypsy vest. For added results try tying on a gear from a broken watch to turn it into a Steampunk Gypsy Wobbler.
What you’ll catch: During the day expect to catch some new age hippy doing yoga in a ring of crystals. If you’re fishing at night you’re going to end up catching some DJ stumbling around lost in the woods talking gibberish to themselves.


Crusty Dirt Twirler

Where to Cast: Burning Man
Why it works: Desert fishing is tough, and if you’re game to for doing it at Burning Man you’re going to need a lure that knows better than you and won’t let you forget it. The Crusty Dirt Twirler is your best bet when fishing at Burning Man. Made from MOOP and EL Wire you’ll get your best results when you prime it with cheap bottom shelf liquor.
What you’ll catch: It’s a gamble whether you’re going to snag your line on some bizzaro art piece made out of dildos or you’re going to catch the big one… a clean porta-potty.


Neon Sparkler

Where to cast: Electric Daisy Carnival
Why it works: I am sure that if you took a water sample at EDC you’d probably be surprised that it can sustain any sort of life. The Neon Sparkler is forged from the most neon of materials. Coated in a fine layer of molly and sparkles this lure should be your go to if you’re going to catch anything.
What you’ll catch: You’re going to have to watch out when using the Neon Sparkler. The main stream at EDC is filled with small fish and you’re probably going to have to throw it back.


English Mudstomper

Where to cast: Glastonbury
Why it works: Fishing in the muck of Glastonbury has its own unique set of challenges. The mix of mud and garbage means you need a special type of lure. The English Mudstomper is a heavy lure that works great when you drop it in the muddy mess of Glastonbury.
What you’ll catch: With its diet of fried food and boiled meat you’re not going to want to keep whatever you catch. At Glastonbury you’re going to want to institute a very strict catch and release policy.


Corporate Castmaster

Where to cast: Coachella
Why it works: This is the only lure you can use at Coachella. I’m not sure how they manage to fit on so much branding, but if it works it works. Though make sure daily that it hasn’t been added to their restricted items list.
What you’ll catch: After waiting in line for an hour and a half to fish in the designated fishing areas, you’ll be lucky to be able to cast your line before you have to head to the next spot. Don’t expect to catch any elusive celebrity fish. They have their own part of Coachella that you can only gain access to if you have a sex tape or starred in Sharknado.

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