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The Village Sessions: Subvert Live at Shambhala 2012

All You Need is Bass and PK Sound are proud to present The Village Sessions. This ongoing podcast will feature the best performances from The Village stage, recorded live at Shambhala 2012.

The Village sessions wouldn’t be complete with featuring the glitched out stylings of Subvert. Not only is Subvert’s sound synonymous with giant basslines and the newest directions of bass music; he is also the the stage director of The Village; and one of the founders of the illustrious PK Sound, whose speakers have been changing the face of music all over North America.

In session seven Subvert delivers the sickest throbbing basslines and melodic synths. Every year it is guaranteed that his glitched up sets are going to deliver the goods. Listening to this set brings us right back to Friday night standing in front of the giant speakers feeling the bass resonate through us to our cores.

I’ll be honest with you, odds are the puny speakers in your computer aren’t going to do this set justice, but until we figure out how to make a time machine so we can all take a trip back to the Village we are all just going to have to settle for the next best thing. So with that we are unbelievably excited to present the straight up legit sounds of Subvert at Shambhala 2012.


Special thanks to PK Sound for bringing the bass and stage; Shambhala Music Festival for hosting the party; Head Effect Mobile Recording who recorded and mastered this set; The Village volunteers for making it magical; and everyone who danced their asses off all weekend long. We also want send out an extra special thanks to J.F.Killah and Eradik for recording the intro and outro for our podcast and Novus Photography for the photo.

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