All You Need is BASS

PK Sound comes to Vancouver: SUBculture Saturdays


Vancouver, are you ready to feel the bass?

We are all wanderers in a desert of treble heavy sand, searching for a source of bass that sustains us. In this drought of luscious sound, there is finally an oasis appearing on the horizon. The Red Room with SUBculture Saturdays featuring PK Sound.

The Red Room finished their installation of the new PK Sound bass bins. From what we’ve heard at the soft launch, we’ve finally found our fountain of bass. DC Breaks, Proh and Bullet Bill gave us a taste of what to expect and damn, we are thirsty. 


So, make sure to join and Digital Motion every weekend in Vancouver, BC at SUBculture Saturdays and experience music the way it’s supposed to be heard.

We all know that bass music is best played at maximum volume, and in Vancouver, you’re not going to feel the bass as much as at the Red Room with PK Sound. No club in the city even comes close.



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