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Studio Side: Infoe and 4th Way Studios

Studio Side
4thwayStudioIn this edition of Studio Side we visit 4th Way Studios in Calgary, the conception of Dylan Gordica, aka local hip-hop MC Infoe. Best known for his work with his group Block Parents, Infoe has slowly but surely been crafting an amazingly bomb and high tech studio space for burgeoning musicians and industry pros alike.

Meant to be a space for all types of artists to jam out, 4th Way Studio is certainly big enough for it, as it boasts four rooms in it’s entity. It’s actually larger than quite a few apartments I’ve come across throughout the years. Earning its name from an enlightening method of inner development by philosopher G.I. Gurdjief, 4th Way Studio embraces all schools of thought and creativity in a way that Rza would be proud of. The Tao of Wu is strong in this one.

I met up with Infoe for a tour of 4th way, and a glimpse into what helps him craft the ultimate breaks and beats in his day to day.

1) Collectible and Inspiring Book and Magazine Collection:

infoe#1 Probably the most important book in the collection is studio namesake The Fourth Way, a conversation between the philosopher G.I. Gurdjief and book author P.D. Ouspensky. “It’s a 4th canon of thinking,” says Infoe. “The fakir, the yogi, the monk … mind, body, soul. It’s combining all those things and seeing everything in a different aspect as well.” Infoe-Studio-1 As well as thought provoking literature, Infoe’s studio book and magazine collection is home to some old school music and graffiti mags, such as his favourite Hip Hop magazine — read at least 200 times by his own admission. Fun fact: the CD that came with the mag was given to a friend of Infoe’s in 2005 and changed his whole life. The friend in question started producing and rapping (and still does), proof that the smallest gifts can drastically change a life’s course.

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