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Slow Jam Sundays: Gladkill – Our Differences

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Okay, so this Sunday slow jam is featuring just a track rather than a whole mix. It’s a holiday and I’m in the small town of Peachland doing the family thing in a cottage on a lake. The internet is pretty spotty and thus finding and  streaming an entire hour long set is just not in the cards today. Plus, my family is waiting for me with food and liquor!

Gladkill released this track Our Differences on Muti Music which has committed themselves to be an outlet for the commercial release of cathartic, expressionist and healing frequencies in the form of transformational audio waveforms.  The beautiful vocals can’t help to make you feel thankful for the people you have in your life and forces you to just want to go and be with them. Then add in the soothing bass and glitch surrounding these vocals and you can’t help to feel pure bliss. Exactly the sort of feelings you should have on Thanksgiving.

Now, enjoy this track and then get off the internet and go surround yourselves with your loved ones!


And on this Thanksgiving Day, we’d just like to say Thank You for supporting us here at All You Need is Bass. We do it for you and hope you enjoy!


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