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Slow Jam Sundays: Cloud Atlas – Cloud 3

I think it is fitting that today of all days we are featuring a set inspired by the themes of a book that talks about our inability to often escape our most base natures. That often we are just playing out the same conflicts of the past. We need to continue reflecting and remembering so our next incarnations have a chance for change.

Today’s Slow Jam Sunday comes from Cloud Atlas who is one of the people behind the podcast Post-Rock, Paper, Scissors. This stunningly atmospheric journey perfectly captures the beauty of the book. Cloud Atlas has distilled the essence of the story into these mixes. Each has their own distinct style, but still manages to conjure the same sense of sublimity.

Please enjoy today’s Slow Jam Sunday and for more information on Cloud Atlas, and the Post-Rock, Paper Scissors podcast see below.

Cloud 3 by Cloud Atlas on Mixcloud

For More Info on Post-Rock Paper Scissors:







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