All You Need is BASS

Ragga Jungle FTW!

photo by Steph Bee

Do you know how nice it is to have friends that spin music that you love?   Now imagine how much fun it would be to dance to it on one of the largest sound systems in the world.  Now imagine how much better that would be if you were dancing on top of that sound system in gold lamé pants with all your friends. Yup, that’s how great this set is.

Constance and Hush deliver some great Ragga jungle tunes for your ear holes.  So if it’s nice out, open your windows, crank this to 11 and enjoy 50 minutes of pure unadulterated awesome.  Oh and don’t forget the gold lamé.

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Alex is the Editor in Chief and one the founders at All You Need is Bass, and is one of the primary contributors. He is a man of many different hats and musical tastes - plus he looks just smashing in a vest!

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