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Outlook Festival 2014: We Came, We Conquered

To say Outlook Festival is the most fierce beast of all bass music festivals might seem a bit of an exaggeration, but is legitimately pretty accurate. To say we crossed the ocean and conquered the beast is the genuine truth.


Outlook festival has been beckoning to me from overseas for years now. For what seems like ages, I’d heard tales from friends who had made the pilgrimage, browsed through photos galore, and I’d come across some of the craziest lineups that stilled my bass loving heart. One thing was clear: I had never been to a party like this before. Throughout my career as a professional party kid, I’ve partied on top of mountains, in forests, on lakes, in deserts, in badlands. I’ve danced in abandoned warehouses, in art galleries, on rooftops, in basements, in fields adjacent to airport no-fly zones, on boats. But never, ever, had I been lucky enough to throw down in a fort, built in the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian forces. I had never been to a show hosting so many of my favourite artists all at once. I had never sipped beer on a yacht while the sun set on the Adriatic Sea in the Bay of Pula, soundtracked by drum and bass artists I could only dream of seeing at a small show. Clearly, all this had to change.

I came to Outlook not really knowing what to expect, and with the help of costumes and a couple of media passes, I made Outlook Festival my bitch. For four days and nights my friends and I roved around like we owned the place, leaving a trail of new friends and awesomeness in our wake. This is our story:


THURSDAY: Our first activity at Outlook Festival was to embark on one of the infamous boat parties, in this case feeling the reggae vibes pon di Scotch Bonnet Records Boat Party. The executive decision was made to add to the ambiance of the boat by wearing our sailor costumes, a completely logical tactical apparel decision in North American Festival culture, where people essentially compete to reign supreme in the world of dress up. Little did we know, deciding to wear those costumes would lead to both the best and worst experiences of the festival.

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