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Our Top 10 Moments Of The 403DNBBQ Weekender 2013



To kick off our official media coverage for the 403DNBBQ Weekender, we thought it be great to take a look back at last years event and pick the moments that still stick with us today. So, in no particular order here is our list!

Posse Up!
Asking the waitress for a table of 4 only to be interrupted by a entire posse of old-time junglist friends to come join them. Sorry, that I guess will now be a table for 12! Who doesn’t like refuelling for the night with a big crew and sharing stories around the table of your party experiences the night before. Even better, every single table around you are doing the same thing with their crews. – Dee

1078694_585596751463796_1291420824_oRouge OG’s
I really enjoyed catching Misselayneous (Honeey Mustard) at the rogue little side stage set up in the parking lot beside the main tent. I’ve seen that girls record collection and she’s a straight up OG, was great to finally get a chance to hear her rinse out. I think there were only a handful of people in the tent while she was playing but I enjoyed it nonetheless! – Amy of Dub Selekta

Hearing Noisia play Program (feat Phace) is a memory I still haven’t forgotten. One of my fave Noisia tracks to date and I don’t think I’d ever heard it played out. The track literally sounds like a transformer coming to life and walking around so hearing it on a PK system amongst legions of other fans, also losing their minds, was incredible.– Amy of Dub Selekta

Hotel Room Mix Up
We returned to our room before the party started Friday afternoon, only to find a very confused MC Skibadee wandering the halls. We asked him what was up, and apparently he went into a room and there was stuff all over the place. The room was already occupied. Turns out, they gave him a working key to our room! Ooops! The best part was the next day we were hosting a “girly drinks and gossip session” in our room, and we had the door partially ajar. In walked Harry Shotta looking for Skib. Instead he found a room full of highly intoxicated laughing women! – K.Lea

Eating With The Stars
At some point on Saturday we all decided that we were hungry, so we all went down to the restaurant. We were seated by the hostess, and blam! At the table next to us was Skibadee, Shotta, Phantasy, Futurebound and TC! Pretty awesome when you can get that kind of access to every headliner at an event. – K.Lea



Bass Face
It’s no secret that TC absolutely crushed it at last year’s BBQ. I was standing on the side of the stage looking around, and the energy was unbelievable. Everyone in the crowd was losing it. It was the climax of the party for sure. All of the headliners had major bass face happening, which was the funniest part. I guess that’s the ultimate kudos if you’re a DJ – when you give your other peers bass face! – K.Lea

True Love
Sneaking back into our hotel room late sunday morning to find a pair of our friends cuddling completely passed out. For months, our entire crew had been waiting for the day that these two would finally synch up with each other. When we all awoke later, we didn’t say anything about what we saw and they acted normally. Damn! Maybe, it was just a friendly party cuddle? After they departed I decided to let some sunshine in the room and opened up the curtains. Low and behold, there they were, holding hands and walking to their car! YES!! Commence group text messages to friends with the news. – Dee

I’ve stayed away from casinos for a few years because of a distinct deficit in the luck department.But at the end of the weekend I had a good feeling and I still had $20 that was burning a hole in my wallet. I ran into the casino, sat at a blackjack table and within 10 minutes turned it into $200! Not a bad way to end a weekend of partying! – Scott



Epic Battles
It’s early sunday morning and the sun is rising. There I see Skibadee standing on the dance floor trying to decide whether it was time to turn it in. I could tell he was feeling done, but the junglist party vibe was still holding strong. 10 more minutes or peace out? Getting to witness that epic battle we’ve all dealt with on a headlining MC’s face was priceless. – Dee

Proud To Be Canadian
The party was during the great Alberta floods of 2013, and the hotel was on a high ridge for the area. All throughout the weekend the Canadian Forces were rescuing people from the floods by helicopter and flying them to the hotel for safety. In a surreal moment, with drum and bass playing as background music, I watched them unload families from helicopter and fly out again. It’s what our Forces do best – help out Canadians in a time of need.

I can almost hear Arnold now. – Scott

This years 403DNBBQ Weekender is sure to deliver even greater ever lasting memories. Don’t miss out!!!

Buy your tickets here and we will see you there! 


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