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Music Video for Beats Antique – Skeleton Key

Well Beats Antique, that was unexpected. Here I was, just minding my own business going through all the newly released stuff in my inbox and BAM! I’m smacked in the face with a huge dose of WTF, care of the fine folks over at Beats Antique. There is nothing quite like watching a video on your computer and  feeling like you got dosed with some experimental psychoactive drug by the CIA.

That being said, I love the track, and Basia Goszczynska has done a splendid job of crafting this strange and beautiful video. But the thing that just tickles me in just the right places is what I imagine the pitch meeting for this video was like:

“Ok Tommy, David and Zoe – So, I have this great idea for a video for Skeleton Key. I’ve been watching a lot of old tool videos and I was thinking that we could update it with a giant steampunk box and instead of using figures that look like penises we could use.. wait for it… CRAB PEOPLE!”

“Crab People?”

“Ya, Crab People! Tastes like crab, talks like people!”

“We love it!”

And that is how magic is made!

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