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Mr. Bill – FozzyFest 2013

Even before making his rounds across Canada this summer, Mr. Bill had already earned himself a legion of Internet fans from his online production tutorials. “Internet fans” is a term that is not often applicable, as avid YouTube observers are often envisioned as basement dwelling naysayers that are impossible to please. “Trolls” would be the accepted sweeping generalization. However, underneath Mr. Bill’s hundreds of videos, you’re not going to find the usual deluge of ignorance, you’ll find comments of praise and adoration from these curious production apprentices. Some even go as far to say his production videos are the best offering on the web. Although they range in length from under two minutes to well over an hour, most have thousands upon thousands of views. Mr. Bill’s Skrillex Bass Sound Reproduction Tutorial is currently sitting at over 100,000 YouTube views.

It’s one thing to make instructional videos, but putting these lessons into practice and making a slew of actual tracks is another exercise of motivation and time commitment. Mr. Bill has indeed masterminded an arsenal of dope tracks, many of which take the listener on a journey through some unusual soundscapes. This isn’t generic bass music. Perhaps it’s Bill’s love of jazz that gives him extra creativity; his past involvement in metal that allows him to try other things; or perhaps it’s his Bachelor of Engineering that allows studio proficiency. Regardless of the how, the result is something original without being avant-garde,
something complex you can still dance to, something with range that is still rooted in bass.

Mr. Bill is a lover of collaborations, and over the last several months has partnered up with many of the biggest names in the glitchy bass spectrum on a massive collab project. This exclusive mini mix for AYNiB includes several of these collab offerings and highlights Mr. Bill’s signature style. In his own words, Mr. Bill explains his music in general as being “Music that excites the ear and brain,” something this mix exemplifies. He goes on to add “This requires me to explore a vast range of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses. The best way to describe the music associated with this project is a mix of unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with a large dash of palatable melodic content.”

For the next 30ish minutes, get comfortable, and get ready to taste bass on your palate! We hope you enjoy this exclusive sample from Mr. Bill as much as we do!

1. Mr. Bill & Loom In Essence – Abba Ridge

2. AMB – Bangers & Mash (Mr. Bill Remix)

3. Mr. Bill & GRUFF – Pretty Sick, But

4. Mr. Bill & iONik – Butter Snatch

5. iONik – Sexy Shapes (Mr. Bill Remix)

6. Mr. Bill & Hedflux – Fluxillary

7. Liar – Bass Traitor (Mr. Bill Remix)

8. Mr. Bill & Stephan Jacobs – Penguin Farts






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