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Motion Notion 2014: Five Must See Acts


Motion Notion is upon us. In just two days party kids galore will descend upon the Beaver Foot Lodge for four nights of good times. Much excitement! In the midst of planning out your festival schedule you might be wondering who do I see? How do I budget my finite amount of festival time, yet still see the best acts? If you’re like me, you want to see some of everything. In recent years, Motion Notion has morphed into the type of festival that has it all, so why not see it all?

Listed below are a few acts that are sure to be a good time. Pencil them in, and let’s have a time!

5) Govinda

Govinda is so rad. The perfect mix of intricate west coast style gypsy beats and classical violin. He’s supported acts like Thievery Corporation, and his music has been licensed to quite a few different TV shows. To say this guy’s got mad skill is a major understatement. For those who have never seen Govinda, think Kytami meets Beats Antique. It’s pretty awesome stuff! The perfect set for an internal festival journey.

4) Drumsound & Bassline Smith

These guys are G’s of drum and bass. If you even have a shred of interest in drum and bass you are doing yourself a serious disservice if you miss these guys. I think they linked up around 1998, and let’s be honest, most of us didn’t have a clue about cool music back then. I’m hoping for a good mix of old school drum and bass rollers and new classics. Whatever they pull out, I’m sure it’s going to be dope.

3) Nick Thayer

Nick Thayer is always good. Forever knowing what’s fresh across the intricate smorgasboard of electronic music genres, he picks the finest bits and serves them up right. There’s a good chance his set will include a lot of summer anthems, some we may not even be aware are anthems as of yet. It also helps that Nick Thayer keeps it real. He somewhat recently wrote up a summary of how much money these revered artists actually make, with some pretty personal yet pertinent info. Newsflash: it’s not as much as you thought. Come give this guy some love.

2) DC Breaks

More dnb! DC Breaks is going to rinse it out proper. Everyone loves them! Pete Tong, Andy C, Annie Mac … me. A real who’s who of music! Also, let’s be honest, RAM Records has a pretty good track record of playing host to some pretty dope talent. Having Andy C as a boss is obviously legit.

1) Marten Hørger

There’s a reason why this guy has been to Motion Notion three years in a row. He’s the best! If you wanna shake your booty, Marten Hørger Sunday night is the place to be. I fell in love with his brand of funky dancefloor shakers at Motion Notion 2012, and have been coming back for more every year. It doesn’t hurt that he is also the NICEST dude on the planet. Seriously. He knows how to have fun, he knows how to party, he knows how to crush a dancefloor. Period. PS – anyone that brings bacon will be loved forever.

Honourable Mentions:
Smalltown DJs, Crazy Daylight, Spiral Architects, Slynk, the Funkhunters, Cyantific, Lady Waks, Kursa, Fat Pat, Longwalkshortdock … really there are so many more. Motion Notion 2014 is pretty stacked!

See you there!!


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