All You Need is BASS

Motion Notion 2013 is just days away!


There is a lot to a name, and with Motion Notion’s it reveals something something very meaningful about the festival. The name Motion Notion literally means the Movement Idea. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the gist is this: Flux is the basis of all existence. A single sacred rhythm connects us to ourselves, each other, and the whole of the universe. To have the “Motion Notion” is to be conscious of the primal pulse of space and time.

Motion Notion 2013 is jam-packed with workshops, live art, special themed costume days, and dance performances are set to bring us all together at MoNo 2013 through a variety of flux pavilions. MoNo’s stages this year boast visual exhibitions of state-of-the-art video-mapping, lights, and lasers to compliment the world-class sound systems and internationally-acclaimed DJs and live performers.Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Find yourself melting metallically in the organico-mechanico mix of event-director Katalyst’s 24-hour Temple stage, or perhaps you’re in the mood for Metasphere’s eclectic dub-gyspy mix, also playing around the clock for your festival delight. Indie stages, Spectrum and Habitat, will be hosting up-and-comers and old-timers alike – stages for finding new favourites or reminding yourself of lost loves. Last but not least… Drum(and bass)-roll, please! : PK Sound’s Cabana stage – here is where you will find the bass you crave. You know, it’s All You Need ūüėČ

Check out MoNo’s website for scheduling details (and tickets!) and expand your repertoire of awesome DJs to be seen at this sweet, sweet festival coming at you this weekend (July 25 – 29)!

Stayed tuned to us this week for more great Motion Notion pre-coverage!

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