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Looking Back With A Motion Notion 2013 Review


Motion Notion 2013 was a festival of unity, of non-separation, of real people gathering in a real place to have real experiences with each other. Under a half moon, we made forever friends, laughing and crying the spectrum of our experience, coming out on the other side of Sunday, new people, inspired.

Among one of the more grassroots and organic festivals I have attended, Motion Notion 2013 really held true to a spirit of community and interaction on equal footing. Where else could you celebrate Sangria Sunday Funday, casually, with new friends who happen to also be known as Goosebumpz, Fort Knox Five, Wax Romeo, JPOD the Beat Chef, Stickybuds, and Stylust Beats?

Motion-Notion-2013-metasphere-AllieKatAn element that stood out as particularly salient to me at Motion Notion 2013 was its commitment to safety and security for its participants. A clearly-marked sanctuary called to anyone needing a soft bed, encouraging words and a cup of hot tea, among whatever else would provide comfort.

The Metasphere stage was, at times, a sanctuary itself, of dance and movement, for those embracing an outward flux of energy. Well-intentioned workshops brought attendees’ attention to perhaps otherwise overlooked facets of all-ages festivals: the presence of children, the presence of adolescents coming ‘of age’, the presence of elders, and the presence of diversity of opinions, lifestyles and ways of being. Encouraging us to watch out for one another as brothers and sisters, a warm and welcoming (and safe) atmosphere was created simply through care and awareness.

From this culture of connectedness and compassion sprung three incredible stages, an amazing line-up, live art, performances, a grope-box for the brave, and space held for the sale of healthy food, the most unique and creative of fashion designs, flow-art props, and objects made sacred with intention and conscious attention. All nestled in the breast of the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains just outside of Golden, BC, with cliff faces of stone that swirled, and trees that danced with the wind and the music.


Motion-Notion-2013-crowd-AllieKatA psytrance festival at its core, Motion Notion 2013 catered generously to its loyal followers, but also provided the children of bass culture with some of the best performances I saw all summer. I danced my face off at PK’s Cabana stage on Saturday to back-to-back Fat Pat, Wakcutt, and Stylust Beats, and on Sunday to the Spiral Architects, the beautiful Ill-Esha, and Tantrum Desire. Sunday, the Temple stage boasted one of the best lineups I had the privilege of enjoying, with Fort Knox Five and Thunderball spinning four turntables strong and very clearly having the best time ever, followed by Soul’d Out DJs, Marten Horger, Stanton Warriors, Christopher Lawrence, Phutureprimitive, and Max Ulis. AMAZING. But Oh! The pull to Metasphere was so strong! I found myself bouncing between stages to catch Human Experience, Govinda, Jay Michael, Michael Red, Daega Sound, and Heidrogen, all incredible and uplifting and moving me in ways that healed me from the inside out with sound.

Can you imagine what this festival will be like this year? With the recent 2014 headliners announcement, I can imagine only better! Motion Notion 2014 is calling my name, and it echoes of yours, and yours, and yours 😉

See you there!

Full Motion Notion 2014 festival info here. 


All photos in this post are credited to AllieKat Photography

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