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Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Info

Lightning in a Bottle has been happening for the most part of the last decade in the beautiful hills of California. What started as a small family/friends affair of less than 100, has grown to a giant mind bending spectacle of human creativity. LIB is at the top of our To Do list of festivals, and one of the major reasons why is because it is organized by the ever awesome Do LaB.

Now, LIB is not like a lot of festivals that are solely music focused. Don’t get me wrong the line-up is killer, it’s honestly radtastical (that’s a real word I swear) with heavyweights like Bassnectar, Tipper, The Glitch Mob and Opiuo. But what really makes this event so great is the experience that The Do LaB creates through the intertwining of performance art, music, fashion, design and love. Oh yes I said it; Love. Because you must have a whole lot of love and passion to be putting on a show this good. From the interactive art, sculptures and lighting created by the Do LaB, to the vast list of courses and workshops offered throughout the weekend. All of the above makes for an ideal place to find that oh so important universal connection, while simultaneously partying till one drops (though partying until you drop is unlikely as you can fuel your body with delicious organic treats from the Lumi Lounge and Cafe) 😉

I must admit with all things said the one thing that really makes this festival stand out and makes my inner hippy smile is LIB’s vision of a greener festival and how they manage to actually manifest said vision. There is none of the greenwashing that many festivals tend to be doing. I am not naming names but don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining. If you are going to be more sustainable sometimes you have to go balls to the wall and LIB is doing just that. It provides free water to its participants, requests that plastic bottles not be brought and does not sell them on the premises. They source the materials for the stages from renewable resources and consequently are also winners of the Greener Festival Award for 2 years in a row! Way to step it up, all you other festivals, take some notes.

So, if you are ready to drink in the sun, the music, the art and the love. Then hightail yourself over to Lightning in a Bottle before it’s too late!

Here is a few of my recommendations for the weekend of May 24th-28th 2012:

R/D: R/D is one of our favorites around here! We love the glitch and R/D never fails to deliver on crunchy yummy glitchy sounds!

Lucent Dossier Experience: If you have not yet experienced Lucent Dossier Experience, then I can make the assumption that you are shall I say “unexperienced” ha ha ha ok…Anyways if I was to describe Lucent Dossier it would be as if Cirque Du Soleil had a love child with a bass bin, a very good looking bass bin. Perhaps that’s not the best description but I bet I have created some intrigue now.

Lightning in a Paintcan: This is an ongoing event throughout the festival which features over 35 artists that will be painting live. Paintings will then be auctioned off with the proceeds going to artists and to the Do ArT Foundation. This is for a great cause that encourages everyone to Do ArT through education and engagement.


– Heather

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