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One of my favorite things about attending a new festival or one that I have frequented year and year again is checking out all of the fresh new sights and sounds. As an artist I love that bass culture is so connected to visual art forms. I love sensory overload by having my senses accosted both through sound and sight. There is nothing better than arriving at a stage or festival and feel like you are being transported to another time, or watch a visual artist perform live, transforming the music you love to something tangible right in front of your very eyes.

From live performance, to art installations, to the audio visuals on the screens; visual culture has and continues to make it’s mark within our culture. A growing staple at festivals is gallery or vendor space to purchase artwork. Enjoying the music we love is also about the whole experience not just that of sound. So here at AYNiB we will be featuring visual artists that we like and hope you like too. Here are a few great artists to get started.

Rob Bell – Miracula Mirabilis

Rob Bell’s Miracula Mirabilis from


The first time I saw Rob Bells geodesic “Zomes” as they are called, was on the Playa during Burning Man 2009. Though it was his Miracula Mirabilis from 2012 that I really found breath taking. These intricit pieces are part geometric sculpture and architecutral splendor.

Locust Anthony Kraus


Anthony Kraus’s Geisha Mushroom from


While perusing the Symbiosis Gathering artists I found the work by Anthony Kraus, who also goes by Locust. His paintings are so bright and inviting with rather molecular imagery intertwined with the familiar. His work looked oddly familiar when I first saw it but I couldn’t place it. It happens to be the featured festival work of Lightning in a Bottle.


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