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HYHT: & Ill-Esha ‘Holla Down (Snareophobe Remix)

Ok, so today’s Have you Heard this couldn’t be more relevant to the interests of those of us getting ready to head back to the interior of British Columbia, Canada for this years Shambhala Music Festival! With Shambhala being just days away, I figured it would be a great chance to give you ‘princes and princesses of bass’ a taste of one of the acts that we at AYNiB are super excited to see. Snareophobe will be opening the Rock Pit on Friday at 12:30 and this Bristol duo is to to be turning a lot of heads by brining their brand new stage show for our musical enjoyment.

Snareophobe has remixed this track to perfection. Not only do you have Roommate’s dubby deliciousness, and Ill-Esha’s voice that is like buttercream icing on a perfect little basscake but you have that drop at 1:44! I love a track that builds with that chilled out tempo and then comes out of nowhere and crushes it perfectly but still manages to retain the original feel of the track. The whole thing is enough to make me want to build a time machine so that I could go and watch the show now.  Actually now that I mention it, maybe building a time machine isn’t such a half bad idea.

So check it out, and if you’re going to be up at Shambhala this weekend, I hope to see you at the Rockpit at 12:30!

Don’t forget to check out their soundcloud and like them on facebook.


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