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HYHT: Mochipet – Wiz Khalifa vs Gigan or Too Short vs Moguera?

You can’t go wrong with a track that starts off with cowbell because as the great late Bruce Dickinson once exclaimed: “I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!”  Godzilla Rehab Center will soon be the newest release from Daly City’s Mochipet and it is great to see that he has been continuing to rock genres by spitting glitchy bass heavy fireballs and the two tracks are above are no different. I always dig his glitchy out sound, and it makes me happy to see that glitch-hop is continuing to grow and evolve. My favorite of the two is Too Short vs Moguera – with it’s cowbell infused quick buildup and solid drop at 0:31 and Too Short’s vocal stylings make for a great track.

To promo his release if you leave a soundcloud comment on your favorite track Mochipet’s holding a daily contest and you may win some free vinyl. What kind of vinyl does a glitched out dinosaur send you? You’ll have to let us know!

If you’re hitting up Sync Fest this weekend make sure to catch Mochipet’s set on Sunday night.

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