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HyHt: Kraddy – Into the Labyrinth Dub EP


Labyrith-In-Dub-KraddyI’m stoked to showcase the new EP Into the  Labyrinth Dub from Kraddy and Heavyweight Dub Champions, because it is really good. The No Comply Dub track is worth the price of the EP alone, but unfortunately the only way to check it out is to go to iTunes and give a listen there.

So in order to make due I’ve embedded the video for Into the Labyrinth Dub. It’s one of the great tracks on the EP, but the video for it is like watching a Vietnam flashback– and not that good kind of Vietnam flashback from your trip there after college. No, I’m talking the type of flashback that your Uncle Bobby would have sometimes, screaming in the middle of the night. The type that your mom didn’t want to talk about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure on paper four and half minutes of Kraddy in animal masks and melting soldiers seemed like a really good idea, but compared to Kraddy’s video for Black Box this one falls a little short.  That being said, the track in the video is as solid as the rest of the EP.

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