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HYHT: Kether – What You’ll See


Kether has done it again with their newest EP Moon Boom that was released this past May. The collaborative of west coast producers Stephan Jacobs and Ruff Hauser are serving up another intoxicating mix of melodic crunk and glitch.

What You’ll See ,the first track off Kether’s most recent collaboration is this weeks HyHt. Created using synthesizers and drum machines this track will draw you in with its silky melody while delivering a healthy dose of  synth and bass. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the bassline at the :30 mark. Both Jacobs and Ruff Hauser have a sound that is unique to them in their own solo work, still they have not only managed but they excel at creating some intensely organic, glitchy beats.

I am really looking forward to being privileged to hearing at least one of them this summer, with Ruff Hauser performing at What The Festival at the end of July.

I would honestly recommend buying the whole album here. It is worth every penny. Also don’t forget to check out Kether’s soundcloud, twitter and facebook page.

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