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HYHT: Janover & LYNX – Ancient Technology

A few  years ago, when  I was first  introduced to the name Jamie Janover I had found myself in on one of Jamie’s talks at Shambhala Music Festival. He was talking about everything from Sacred Geometry, to Unified Field Theory to a large crowd of captivated festival goers. I will refrain from going in to too much detail, as that sort of discussion may not be conducive to making it through your Monday. On the other hand this musical collaboration between Janover and Lynx will certainly make your Monday a bit brighter.

This weeks Have you Heard this is by Janover and LYNX, and is unification of another sort. Ancient Technology is one of 7 tracks from their 2009 album Between Worlds. It is a blend of the modern technology and ancient instruments. The combination of 27 year old female beat boxer LYNX and Janovers hammered dulcimer and sitar make for a unique electroacoustic, indian glitch experience.

Check out the whole album here, along with Janover’s facebook and twitter. Check out the very talented LYNX here.

Janover will also be at Basscoast 2012 and again at Shambhala this August!

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