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HyHt: J.F.Killah – Inspiration Mix

Mondays mean a few things round these parts. Firstly, it usually means that I try to figure out a way to look busy while I stare off vacantly and think about all the fun I had on the weekend. Secondly, it means that it is time for another ‘Have you Heard This?’. Normally HyHt focuses in on only a track or two, but this set from Vancouver’s own DnB femme fatal J.F.Killah is too good to pass up.  Not only is she a friend of all of us here at the site, but she is one of the best DnB artists in Western Canada! As an active member of DnB Girls of Canada she has been
helping to elevate Canadian drum and bass to a whole new level.

Drawing from an eclectic mix of genres, J.F Killah drops massive track after massive track in this hour-long set. Inspiration is a great name for this mix. Maintaining an inspired but distinct sound between each song this set feels fresh and lively throughout the entirety of it. Each track compliments the previous one very nicely and is well thought out and fun to listen to.

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