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HYHT: Howling Wolf remix by K+Lab

This weeks Have you Heard this comes all the way from New Zealand’s K+Lab. This Kiwi likes to combine rocking hip-hop with skull shattering basslines and fuses it all together with a bit of funk. Recently he remixed the song “Howling For My Baby” by the influential American Blues singer Howling Wolf. Soon as I heard that warm blues hum with the classic blues beat in the background I was blasted straight back to my childhood.

All my childhood memories have a soundtrack of the sounds from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. My parents played music all the time. The house was never quiet, and every Sunday morning I was awoken by the songs of Elvis. Classic oldies were blasted during road trips. Celebrations always went late into the night with lots of dancing and my parents fighting to see who got to choose the next album. Because of this, I’ve absorbed all types of music from those eras. I’ve grown to love it all, but most of all my heart gets lifted these days when I hear samples from the Blues, Psychedelic Rock and anything Beatles.

This massive flashback all happened before that funky Glitch Hop beat dropped. Even if you don’t like the Blues, this massive track is sure to convert you into a lover. K+Lab has an amazing talent to perfectly blend together different genres in all his various remixes; from this Howling Wolf track to De Lab Soul, Sedge Warbler and more!


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Record Labels: Junkfood / Empathy recordings / Simplify / Skanky panky / Glitch n chop

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