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HYHT: Fanu – Perky Percolator Jam

There is nothing like kicking off your morning with a pot of freshly brewed beats. You can take your beats how ever you like them, but today I am taking mine with a good dose of Fanu. Perky Percolator Jam is the first track of Fanu’s recent EP release Coffee Crazy and is just the thing to stir up your morning.

This particular roast from Fanu hails from Northern Finland, which just so happens to be the #1 coffee consuming country on the globe. It’s no wonder his love of coffee has spilled over into his music (pun completely intended haha). This well balanced blend is low in acidity, with a full body of bass, both string and drum, it’s rich in funky vocals and finishes like it should, smooth. So if you are looking for a luxurious start to your day then sit back relax and enjoy Fanu.


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