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HYHT: FX No Rest for the Wicked feat. CAde & Mahesh Vinayakram


Dub FX is rocking it out pretty hard while on his world tour.  Recorded on a rooftop in India, this track is an exciting pairing of beat boxing, live looping with effects pedals, Indian and English lyrics all tied up into a sweet rooftop recording session. Mahesh’s crazy mouth harp layered over the beats by Dub FX works perfectly. The beats underneath and the Indian vocals meld together in a soothing yet uplifting sound.  I just wish I could understand what he was saying. When CAde drops in to the track, it leads the whole song into a new direction keeping it moving forward and interesting. There is indeed No Rest for the Wicked.

I wonder if the tunes were loud enough to echo through the streets below. I can imagine a shop owner sitting in his store drinking some tea wondering what this crazy music was all about. Dub FX and crew continue to impress me with each passing month. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

One of the things I love about Dub FX is how he collaborates with other artists and helps promote them. The video was filmed  by Shaaze Merchant and has Dub FX feat. CAde & Mahesh Vinayakram. Check out their links by clicking on their names.

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