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HYHT: Datsik Firepower

Datsik’s been a busy man this summer. After laying it down heavy at Shambhala, he’s now on his Firepower tour. He’s also just released 3 new tracks on his soundcloud page that are defiantly worth a listen. The tracks showcase a wide net of his musical expertise and make me want to hear more.

Datsik – Juicebox
Juicebox starts off with an uptempo bassline and glitchy scratchy bits only to be overtaken by a violin playing in. When the monster bassline comes and tries to eat it up the violin, it defends itself and blends into a tune that I can’t get out of my ears. Just when you think it’s over the strings come back for the super K.O. finishing move. If you thought you knew Datsik’s sound you’ll be surprised by this tune:


Colin Munroe ft. K Flay – Your Eyes (Datsik Remix)
In this remix, Datsik’s heavy bass lines underscores Munroe’s vocals well and draws you in. It’s sounds of drum’n’bass with the drops of heavy future music and makes for a smashing melody. Sometimes the softest metal can be honed to the sharpest edge and when K Flay’s voice finishes off the track it’s just the balance needed. Listen below:


Linkin Park – Until it Breaks (Datsik Remix)
This is a huge remix of Linkin Park’s Until it Breaks and turns it into a badass dubstep track. It’s builds up with keys and bass, then the vocals come on. When it finally drops at 1.08 it’s massive buildup pays off into a bass assault. Turn your subs up for this track. Suffice to say, Datsik’s big guns are red hot. Check it:


If you see Datsik coming your way on his Firepower tour, make sure to go check him out. With 50,000 watts of PK Sound and crazy vortex visuals by V Squared Labs, I’m sure he’ll have some tricks up his sleeve that won’t leave you disappointed. Here’s a preview:


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