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HYHT: Another Planets Air – Floyd ft Charlotte Dobre



Photo Credit: Colton Onushko

Although Benny Benassi can be credited for getting Vancouver Island producer Floyd into electronic music, this offering featuring Charlotte Dobre luckily in no way resembles Satisfaction. Dropped at this year’s Shambhala during Subvert’s set, Another Planets Air was the perfect partner to the famous PK bins. Starting off with a slow melodic riff, immediately followed by a penetrating vocal from Charlotte, simply stating “I inhale,” the track unveils itself to be of the dubstep persuasion soon after. Charlotte Dobre is a strong (and accomplished) vocalist, and her voice compliments the melody in a perfect, almost haunting way. As she finishes the bar with “I crave another planet’s air,” the bassline kicks into full force, and the track goes from good to great. This one, is a “chune.” If I were a teacher of 314916_10150107947723697_18786375_n[6]bass awesomeness, these two would get a gold star.

There’s also a trap re-edit kicking around on SoundCloud, but I prefer the original. To me trap music that’s punctuated with “hey” samples is today’s version of house music that talks about being house music. No matter who makes it, it just makes me giggle. However, if you’re a trap lover, it’s definitely worth a listen here. 

All in all, this track is a damn fine offering from Floyd and Charlotte.

Good work you two, and keep those collabs coming!

Editor’s Note: Watch for an upcoming collab between Pimpsoul and Charlotte Dobre.

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