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Huge News Flash for Shambhala Music Festival 2013!


The air is abuzz these days with all things to do with the Shambhala Music Festival 2013. With only 34 days to go, everyone attending this years festival is getting themselves ready. Promoters are getting their last minute plans in place; artisan vendors are selecting which beautiful wares to display; food vendors are cooking up some tasty menus; stage crews have started to build the awe inspiring venues; artists are dreaming up some magical ideas; talent is putting the final touches into their performances; sound/lighting crews are biting at the bit to get started; media/press is setting their coverage plans in place; and all attendees from far and wide are making packing lists, planning road trips, and creating some amazing costumes.

Over this last week Shambhala has pushed out quite a few huge announcements to the masses. Just in case you missed them here they all are in one place:

2013 Stage Schedules, Vendor Information and Ride Shares on Page 2

Official Shambhala Pre-Parties on Page 3

Fallen trees between The Fractal Forest and The Village Stage on Page 4

Shambhala purchases the Savoy Inn in Nelson, BC on Page 5

Ticket Information on Page 5

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