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How Dj’s Chose Their Names #2

Most of us never had any say in what people call us. We have to go through life with whatever someone else decided was a good name for us. DJs on the other hand have a chance to extend their persona into their name. Who wouldn’t love to have the chance to choose what millions of adoring fans are going to call you? But with great power comes great responsibility. When they chooses their stage name it’s like choosing a band name: creativity is key! Whether it is an old nickname; or its origins are from an awesome story from your past; or just something you think is rad, it is a great insight into the person. So, if you’re as curious as we are about why DJs choose the name they do, enjoy this new ongoing series from us here at AYNiB.

 This is the second installment of the series. You can read the first installment here.

WAX ROMEO (from Calgary, AB)
“I thought of it a long time ago. I was into collecting records, hence the wax. I also liked Romeo and Juliet cigars. And I was a fan of a reggae singer named Max Romeo. So it was a mix of the 3. I thought it was clever at the time. I’ve thought a lot of shit to be clever at the time.”

ERADIK (from Vancouver, BC)
“I’m not entirely sure how I came up with mine to be honest. I was using just my last name at first, and then buddy who ran the record store in Halifax said I have to have a cool DJ name… so I choose Eradik.”


J.F.KILLAH (from Vancouver, BC)
“It actually took awhile to come up with. I remember Andrew (Eradik) and I throwing possible names back and forth until finally after playing around with the initials to my first and last name (J.F.). Eventually, “Killah” got tossed into the mix (no pun intended) and BAM, J.F.Killah was born!”

VINYL FIXX (from Calgary, AB)
“I was reading Timothy Leary’s book : Turn On, Tune In.. Drop Out about the experimentations he and other researchers were doing with psychedelic’s in the late 60’s. He described an experiment with Psilocybin Mushrooms in which the researchers dosed a test subject with 70 grams to find out what the effects would be. The subject described it as their: FINAL FIX. I thought that was a perfect way to describe how music can effect the mind, a song so intense it’s all you need, an ultimate fix.

At a house party I told some friends that I had finally come up with a wicked DJ name. One of them said since you play vinyl, instead of Final Fixx, your name should be VINYL FIXX … because people get their “fix” from the records. The rest is history.

FAR TOO LOUD (from Brighton, UK)
“The name Far Too Loud, well … no real story other than I was with my old partners Olly and Dom at the point where we realised we needed a name, and it’s what we agreed sounded best. And it’s got “fart” in it.”

WAKCUTT (from Golden, BC)
I always wanted a cool DJ name, but it never worked out that way. My last name is spelled Wackett (for real, that makes me I. Wackett) I swapped the C and the K, and switched the E for a U, and your left with Wakcutt. Probably the worst thing I’ve ever done, nobody spells it correctly. I’ve seen Wakkut, Wackutt, Wack-it, Wakut, and many MANY more. Perhaps this article will help in that respect! It’s W-A-K-C-U-T-T!”

FAT PAT (from Calgary, AB)
“I was called Skinny P, until one day my friend Max said, “that was fat, ….Pat”. It just kind of stuck.”


RACK N RUIN (from London, UK)
I  only found out there was a RackNRuin transformer recently, I do love Transformers though! I wanted a name using an old English saying and I thought RackNRuin fitted my sound at the time!”

BENNY B-SIDE (from Calgary, AB)
When I first started DJing, all there was was vinyl, and it was expensive. So my friend Josh and I would often share records, that way we would have more tracks to play.  One of us would take the A-side and one the B-side. After some time, I started moving towards playing the B-sides more often. I liked hearing tracks no one else was playing, and in a young party scene where every DJ in town is digging in the same two record bins, I thought it was more important to play songs people hadn’t heard. Benny B-side was a natural progression from those times.”


COOH / BALKANSKY (from Troyan, Bulgaria)
“Cooh was first and it came from the chemistry formula COOH (carboxyl acid). I saw the formula on the black board in chemistry class at school when I was 18 (I hated chemistry) and I just had my first electronic music recorded on tape.

Balkansky came few years ago when I was looking for a name for my deeper music and the project I have with Theodosii Spassov and Ivo Christov. It represents where I come from as my home town is situated in the heart of the Balkan mountain in Bulgaria. I also decide to use it for my dubstep tracks, which now variate from really deep to really hard sound.”


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