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Guest Blog: The Moment I Became a Junglist – DJ Obscene (403 DNB)


It is long past due that we at AYNiB host our second guest blog. In this belated rendition of our guest blogger series, we look to Calgary, Alberta, at a crew that is making waves across Canada, the 403 DnB crew.

For those that have yet to hear of the 403 DnB crew, that will likely change after this coming June, when they host their first annual 403DNBBQ, an all drum and pass party spanning an entire weekend, giving junglists free reign on an Alberta casino for two glorious days. On top of planning this crazy festival that will bring all three members of Noisia to Canada, the 403 crew have been throwing tons of shows in Calgary, featuring various locals, members of the crew and headliners from near and far. One would think this is more than enough to fill their plates and whet their appetites, but in the spirit of music love, the guys are constantly putting out fresh mixes and generally spreading the dnb vibes with whoever they happen to come in contact with.

Loving the zeal with which the 403-ers approach the dnb music community, we asked one of them if he would be willing to share some of his 403 DnB magic with our readers. Stepping back from the decks and up to the keyboard is DJ Obscene, one of the three core members of the 403 crew. Obscene has been a fixture in the Calgary drum and bass community for a long, long time. Well before his days in the 403, he was rocking his signature “Rudeboy Rendevous” drum and bass nights on the regular, as well as making his face known at all the other drum and bass shows in the city. To say this guy exemplifies the word junglist, is still somehow an understatement of his observable passion for the music and culture behind this community. Opening up to us about what it means to be a junglist, and the moment when he became one, here is DJ Obscene:


I believe that for every true drum and bass fan, there is an exact moment; a specific song, time or place that if you asked them, they would tell you that it was right then that they became a junglist. A moment where they realized that drum and bass was not only a genre of music, but a thriving melting pot of musical cultures and influences. An international family that lived and breathed this underground lifestyle. For me that moment came on October 28th 2002, and although it happened by chance, it changed my life forever.

I was with a group of friends enroute from Phoenix to Los Angeles for Monster Massive, a yearly Halloween EDM party hosted by Insomniac events, the people responsible for events such as EDC. Like most of the people who attend these types of events, we were going to experience our first large scale big room massive. Although I casually listened to some dnb at the time, I wouldn’t by any means have said that it was among my favorite genres. We spent most of the evening at the main stage inside the Los Angeles sports arena soaking up the vibe and dancing to hard house and trance. It was approximately 12:30 am during Richard “Humpty” Vision’s set that a friend of mine mentioned AK1200 was playing at 1am at the other side of the event grounds, and suggested we make our way over to see him, being that he was one of the few drum and bass artists we liked at the time. I agreed and we began our 15 minute trek over to the drum and bass stage. On our journey over, we passed though the hardcore room and ran into some friends from high school that had also come to LA from Phoenix for the festival. We lost track of time and over an hour passed, realizing that, we said our goodbyes and rushed over in fear that we had missed AK’s set.


[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”] At that moment watching the interaction between the massive crowd and Skibba, I fell in love and became a junglist.[/quote] Upon arriving at the stage, AK1200 was doing his encore, much to our disappointment. He played his final tune, so we turned around and started to walk back to reconnect with the rest of our group. That’s when I heard him for the first time. The unmistakable voice that is MC Skibadee piped over the crowd and demanded that they make some noise for AK1200 who had just finished. The crowd roared, and he proceeded to introduce the next DJ, DJ SS. Everyone waited attentively for his first song to start, then out of the silence the piano intro of his song Lighter boomed over the massive sound-system. The crowd went crazy. Skibba engaged the crowd and built up the momentum for the drop. The song dropped and Skibba exploded over the music. Fiercely rhyming in his signature double time style, everyone was completely immersed by the captivating duo. It was something that I had never heard before. The seamless mixture of rave and hip hop cultures, with the intensity of a punk rock show. I looked around and everyone was smiling and dancing, there was even a breakdance circle that had formed. For me, at that moment watching the interaction between the massive crowd and Skibba, I fell in love and became a junglist. Over the course of their set, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the energy the MC created and the grasp that Skibadee had on the crowd. Everyone knew all his rhymes, the songs, and were participating on a level I had never experienced at an electronic show . I spent the rest of the set flailing around with no coordination, but I did not care at all. For the rest of the night I didn’t move from that spot. People came up to me and told me that they loved my dancing, although I’m sure that I looked ridiculous. I began to understand the culture of mutual respect that is so prevalent in dnb culture.

Obscene-SkibadeeIt has been well over 10 years since the day that I fell in love with drum and bass. Although i have seen Skibadee several times since then, I have to say that I am most excited for a show that is yet to come. On June 21 & 22 2013 we will be hosting the first ever 403DNBBQ at the Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino just outside of Calgary. This time I am proud to be on the other side of the experience, as an organizer, and as a DJ. With a plethora of talent (such as Noisia , TC, Futurebound and Phantasy) to perform alongside MCs Skibadee and Harry Shotta, my hope is that I will be able to share moments just like mine with a whole new generation of future drum and bass heads. With the recent explosion of EDM culture I am positive that there will be people at this event who are there to soak up the experience just as I did at Monster Massive in 2002. When Skibadee takes the stage and they too hear his voice booming over the huge PK sound system for the first time, I am sure that some of them will look back on that moment just as I am right now, and say  “That was the moment I became a junglist!”


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