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Guest Blog: ParticiPARTY from Britz Bitz

Even though we all like the sound of our own voices, it’s also nice to show a perspective outside of our core group of contributors. It’s with this premise in mind that we at All You Need is Bass unveil our first guest blogger in a series of many to come.

This month’s guest blogger is Britz Robins, Social Media Director of Shambhala Music Festival. Britz is known to thousands of festival goers by her sweet and humorous online persona (Britz Bitz), as well as her penchant for costume collecting. Via Twitter she has been known to stand up for past Shambhala headliners to evil mobile phone companies, post off season farm photos of the festival site and keep us posted on Shambhala ticket sales. Via Facebook she has been known to champion her favourite BBC radio show (Annie Mac), post hilarious electronic music related memes, as well as the odd kitty photo (who doesn’t love a good cat photo). It is an honour to host Britz on All You Need is Bass. Her chosen topic? ParticiPARTY!! Without further adieu, here she is!

ParticiPARTY by Britz Bitz

I’m not old, but I’ve been around the block. I’ve been going to electronic music events for 13 years. That’s about half my life at this point.

A lot has changed in 13 years. Technological advances have changed both the music and the environments in which we experience it. I’ve been to so many festivals, raves, house parties and club nights that I lost track of “how many” a long, long time ago. I’ve been to parties in the desert, the woods, beaches, islands, boats, mansions and warehouses. I’ve been to intimate gatherings and massives.

There’s a little secret the years have taught me. One that allows me to have the best possible time at any event I attend. What is it?


So what does “particiPARTY” mean?

It doesn’t necessarily mean volunteering – although, if you feel inspired to do so, it’s a perfectly fantastic way of partiPARTYing.

But what it really means is giving. Contributing. In whatever way you can. I find that many of us get locked into this idea that we’ve paid money for an event, and now that festival OWES us something. In my opinion, that’s a flawed line of thinking. A festival is not an entity that is indebted to us.

What a festival really is, is a container. A space in which we attendees can create our own magic. A place where we can give each other our best. A place to be open, and learn, and explore.

We all have a gift to give. Whether it’s telling a joke to a passing stranger, giving out packets of electrolytes, or inviting your camp neighbours over for breakfast.

When we turn the focus from “consuming” our festival ticket (trying to squeeze our money’s worth out of it) to giving – magic really does happen.

credit: ricardO Hubbs

I particularly like this story from Shambhala: a festival goer was going up to strangers giving people “her marbles.” The marble girl did an incredible job of sharing her gift in such a way that it made a lasting impression on those she shared with. She left something tangible with them that stirs the memory, and makes them smile.

The memory of that interaction is probably clearer in the minds of those she shared with than any DJ that they danced to or any visuals they saw.

As much as music brings us together, a festival is really about the people we meet, the interactions we have, and the impressions they leave on us.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to run into the marble girl, and go home with two shiny marbles in their pocket to remember that wonderful festival moment by?

But rather than wait for moments like that to HAPPEN to us – why not create those experiences for others and inspire them to do the same?

THAT is particiPARTYing.

Being a practical and nurturing personality type myself, my gifts usually reflect that rather than the playfulness of marble girl. I’m the girl who will lug a 5 gallon jug of water and pump to a party and set it down near the DJ booth for all to use or bring a bunch of healthy snacks to share.

So, what can you bring to particiPARTY? Tap into your creativity, your silliness, your nurturing side.  Give what you can. In my experience, you always get more out of giving.

credit: ricardO_Hubbs

Some of the most amazing particiPARTY moments I’ve experienced:

  • At 5am, a man makes his way across the dance floor with a vintage silver platter full of freshly cut fruit, offering it to dancers
  • Two girls dressed as clowns incorporating an old rotary phone into one of their costumes going up to people and telling people there was a call for them – relaying messages of love.
  •  Walking through the campground at a festival in the middle of the night when a van door slides open and someone beckons me over to offer me freshly brewed coffee
  • Two strangers on the dance floor exchange costume pieces without saying a word to each other
  • Arriving at a friend’s camp and being told that before we do anything, we need to create a necklace. We’re shown to a bucket of dog tags, each stamped with a word. We’re told to pick 3. It was like creating a magnetic poetry necklace
  • Coming across a “pedal bar” – yes, that IS a cross between a bike and a bar; each bar stool is equipped with pedals – and being convinced to go for a ride and a drink

While you mull over what gifts you can bring to the next event or festival you go to, I’ll leave you with this animated short by Pixar: Partysaurus Rex.

The thing I really love about Partysaurus Rex is the collaborative nature of all the characters. It really does take all of them cooperating to create a great party. Those toys know how to particiPARTY!

Partysaurus Rex on Disney Video

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If you’d like to see some more great photos of particiPARTY in action be sure to view the next page!

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Britz Bitz

She is the Social Media Director of the Shambhala Music Festival.

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