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GRiZ: Mad Liberation Album Review

GRiZ was first described to me by a friend as “feel good music, Pretty Lights style”. As a long time fan of anything Pretty Lights, this description had me scouring the internet with more vigour than a portly housewife channel surfing for her “stories”. GRiZ indeed is an artist that produces feel good music with a Pretty Lights vibe, with a few extra ounces of bass on the side. His newest full length album, Mad Liberation, is a pleasant blend of rolling bass with a vintage feel, brought on by numerous big band and jazz samples throughout. Not all the tracks on this release have that vintage jazzy feel, but my tastes tended to gravitate towards the tracks that did.

For example, the first track on the album Too Young For Tragedy definitely was not my favourite. It’s a screechy melodic bass track, and although I can see the merit in the composition, it still wasn’t quite for me. That being said, Mad Liberation only gets better with every track. To me, the second track Smash the Funk eclipses Too Young For Tragedy in blending bass and melody. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite track off this album because I really like a lot of them, but I think it’s Fall in Love Too Fast. I believe the vocal sample was taken from an old song called I Fall in Love Too Easily, which has been performed by some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians including Chet Baker and Miles Davis. I think the sample is from the Chet Baker version, but I’m not totally sure. Nevertheless, it’s a really a gorgeous pairing of vocals and beats.

I’m telling you male readers, if you’re trying to impress a girl, play this. It’s total make out music! All in all this album is a stellar effort worth multiple plays. The more I listen to it the more impressed I am with GRiZ’s sampling choices and accompanying beats. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing.


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