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Foreign Concept Interview: Talking Metropolis, Critical Music Tour and Making Meals


Foreign Concept has been destroying dance floors in Europe for years now, and with the release of his album Making Meals he has been making a name for himself across the world. This summer he is coming to North America on a Critical Records Tour with Enei and Kasra for a few select dates. There isn’t a chance anyone should miss seeing this up and coming legend of drum and bass and your chance is this weekend at 403 DNB’s Metropolis.

We were really lucky to have a chance to sit down with Foreign Concept and ask him a few questions before his tour kicks off.


Is this is your first time in North America?

It’s my first time playing over there. I went and stayed with a mate in New York about 6 years back for a week, but that was it. Looking forward to getting over there and checking more of it out!

Where are you headed after Metropolis in Calgary, Alberta?

At the moment after Metropolis, I’m off to Las Vegas, and then LA and New York, though there are talks of some possible other shows in between.

Are you excited for festival season to kick off?

Yes definitely! Playing at some wicked festivals both in the UK and abroad this Summer so looking forward to donning my shades and putting on some questionable festival shirts!

You’ve said that Shibui was you favourite festival last year. What made it so good?

It was quite a small festival, less then a thousand people but it was a sick vibe. I went with a load of mates, and it was one of those places where everyone knows everyone there by a few degrees of separation.

Any other dates you’re excited for?

FC: Other then coming over to Canada/US, really looking forward to playing Boomtown in England, and then Outlook over in Croatia.

Make Meals had a great sound to it. What are you working on now?

Cheers! Currently working on my next EP for Critical. Have got a few of the tracks finished but am spending some time nailing the others at the moment. I’ve also recently finished a remix for Sam Binga, and a collab track with Enei for his new album.

There is a real hip-hop feel to some of your tracks. Where does that stem from?

One of my first musical loves was soul music, and I guess from there into hip hop through the sampling element.

I’m really into going through and seeing which producer sampled what, and how they flipped it. Through this I started trying similar techniques in my drum and bass tunes, which gives them that hip hop feel.

Foreign-Concept-featureWhat were some of those early hip hop influences?

Producer wise guys like RZA, Premier, Dilla , Eric Sermon and Harry Love from here in England.

Do you remember what was on the mix tape that got you into DNB?

I’ve got a vague memory of it being an old Mickey Finn tape that my mates brother had lent him, but I definitely remember hearing Urban Shakedown – Arsonist and Rufige Crew – Terminator on there and being hooked instantly.

If you were going to give someone a mixtape now to get them into DnB what would you include on it?

That’s a tough question! I’d have to go with a variety of choice tracks from the last 20 years I guess. From the 90s some Dillinja and Ed Rush & Optical, 00s – Marcus Intalex & Logistics 10s – Alix Perez & Ivy Lab

What do you think of the current state of drum and bass world wide?

I think the diversity is it’s greatest strength at the moment. You can go to a dnb night (a decent one) and hear a real mix of peoples interpretations of the music. That’s definitely the most exciting part for me right now.

In your opinion, what producers are doing some exciting things?

Right now I’d say everyone on the Critical camp are making some of their best tunes to date. I’m loving Ulterior Motive’s new stuff, and my buddies Klax are making some really different stuff that will definitely turn some heads.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at a show?

A guy once pulled out his fake eye and gave it to me as a present as he’d enjoyed my set so much. Safe to say I said thanks but no thanks!

Look out for Foreign Concept this weekend on the Critical Music Tour at Metropolis on June 19th in Calgary, Alberta and then in various locations across North America and Europe this summer.

A big thanks to Foreign Concept for taking the time to chat. Don’t sleep on the first ever North American Critical Music showcase at Metropolis. The event spans two days, and tickets are just $50. Click on the image below to buy yours today!


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