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Festival Fashion Round-Up: February 2013


One thing we love about bass culture is the fashion that is starting to blossom inside of it. Over the last few years we’ve noticed the dance floor is really starting to create its own unique look. It’s diverse, practical and beautiful. Everyone has their own style but when they all mingle together it really comes together into something quite magical.

This unique style can sometimes be next to impossible to find. Often we will overhear conversations at events complimenting and asking others where they found their cool digs. All You Need is Bass is proud to present the February 2013 Festival Fashion Round-Up featuring links to various items from some amazing and talented designers across the globe.


Wing Scarf
Designer: Shovava
Stunning hand-painted and digitally printed scarf made out of Modal & Rayon. Natural light-weight yet very strong durable material that flows stunningly! Modal is less sheer, softer and wrinkles less than cotton. Truly versatile and looks great paired with any outfit. Wear it as a classic scarf or shawl, tube top, halter top, as a bandana, or even skirt. This piece of art is the perfect addition to your daytime festival wear to protect you from the sun. More color choices and different prints also available.
Price: $56


Black Military Jumpsuit 
Designer: TiCCi Rockabilly Clothing
Take command of your festival style with this great looking vintage pin-up  jumpsuit. Made of mixed textiles this made to order jumpsuit is sure to help you rock out in style.
Price: $70


Felted Tree Of Life Silk Train Hooded Pixie Vest
Designer: Frixie Girl
Transform yourself into a magical forest pixie with this flet beautiful vest! It’s hand-made using the wet felted melted technique and then hand-dyed after. The hood features a long tail and the front of the vest has a closure with 3 black metal eyelets on either side with threaded brown satin ribbon. Hand-dyed chiffon silk pieces with a wavy effect are coming down the back with the middle large piece coming to a point at the bottom. There is a tree of life designed onto the back of this vest with scrap pieces of felt with fine detail. Wear it as is for a sexy-cute look or layer it with your favorite items to create a unique outfit.
Price: $359


Steampunk Suspender Dress
Designer: Alter-Eco Clothing
Look awesome and help mother earth in this custom dress made in your color and size. Made from ridiculously soft organic or Eco jersey fabrics and up-cycled twill fabric to make the “suspenders” that cross in the back and have  large up-cycled buttons in the front. Super flattering, sexy, and fun!
Price: $70


Long Stripy Knickers
Designer: Timjan Design
The perfect item to wear under skirts and dresses in the summer to avoid chafing. These soft shorts are made from stretchy cotton & lycra. The sultry wide lace detail on the bottom hem looks gorgeous poking out under your favorite short skirt or dress. Also leads to freedom in movement while doing any activity.
Price: $30


Cinchy Pants
Designer: Aurora Wear
Don’t miss your favorite DJ because you got chilly you needed to go back to camp to change. Adjustable draw-stings run up both sides of each leg adding flare and allowing you to adjust them from capris to full length pants. Versatile, comfortable and stylish with stretchy cotton-lycra. These will even look great layered under skirts and dresses. Low waisted and cut for your curves with a wide band and extra large belt loops with two small back pockets.
Price: $65


Steampunk Hoodie
Designer: Painter Productions
Stay warm at night and show off your love for all things steampunk in this hand stenciled hoodie. The special bleach process to obtain the effect is soft to the touch and will never crack or fade. Every hoodie will be a one of a kind masterpiece. Unisex.
Price: $45

To see more great items from fantastic designers be sure to check out our past Festival Fashion Round Up’s and our Ultimate Canadian Festival Fashion List.

Have an item you’d like featured? Please feel free to email Dee. 

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