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CompREST: The camping bed designed for festivals

Imagine your at a festival in the middle of a sea of tents. What do you hear? If you listen closely ontop of low bass echoes, hooting and hollering, and laughing you might hear the sound of air pumps and people complaining about their air mattress struggles. Everyone is tired of them! Some people have come up with other methods like bringing foamies, futon mattresses, camping trailers, etc. But, for many festival attendees these alternatives are not an option and spend yet another festival season waking up on the ground everyday due to a leaky mattress.

We got great news! These days are now over. We just linked up with Sawyer, another bass enthusiast who’s created an innovative new camping bed that’s perfect for your festival comfort. Meet CompREST.

CompREST is the vacuum-packable foam bed for camping. It’s super comfortable, will never pop, and it charges your phone.

CompREST is the most reliable sleep you’ll find in a camping mattress and is perfect for car camping, base camping, music festivals, and short hikes. Setting up your nap nest has never been easier! Simply remove the bag and your bed is made.

Luxurious foam made convenient for the first time ever. No more punctures. No more leaking in the middle of the night. No more wasteful air mattresses.

And when you wake up well rested on your last day at camp, takedown is a breeze and requires next-to-no supervision. CompREST packs your bed up for you at the touch of a button and to 20% of its original size and is transported in a convenient carry bag with shoulder strap.

The vacuum pump and bags can also be used to compress other festival gear, like pillows, sleeping bags or festival outfits.

Did we mention it can charge your phone? The vacuum pump also acts as a portable power bank to help you stay in touch with your festival family.

CompREST has several other thoughtful designs like a machine washable cover. The cover has a comfortable breathable top made from Lycra and a waterproof base to protect you from sneaky puddles or spills. Plus CompREST covers Velcro together for those much needed cuddle puddles and since it’s not a giant air bubble you won’t disturb your sleeping buddy.

Starting at $139 CompREST isn’t your cheap inflatable, but if you’ve replaced an inflatable once or twice, it’s superior comfort at a fair price. Plus it get’s cheaper as you have more campers in your crew because you only need 1 pump. The rechargeable Li-on battery will do over 20 compressions on a single charge.

It’s time to help some fellow BASSFAM members with their awesome product and end the air mattress struggle forever. CompREST is live on Kickstarter right now but ends this Friday!  Check out the campaign for more details, make a pledge and share it with your festival crew.

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