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Chatting with the Funk Hunters before Motion Notion 2013


BC locals, the Funk Hunters, have been touring on and off for the last four years. Having just returned from the UK, the boys are back to fill our ears with funky bass as they follow the festival circuit on home soil. Playing at Motion Notion is one stop of many. AYNiB got to talking with Nick and Dunks about their Motion Notion 2013 anticipations and their ‘it’s ALL good!’ signature style. You can expect big sound, eclectic music mixes, and a very charismatic performance. Known for their bouncy beats and custom synced visuals, the Funk Hunters also keep a host of fun and funky surprises up their sleeves to keep us on our dancing toes. Catch the magic at MoNo on Friday!

How has Canadian West Coast bass culture influenced your music and high energy live performances?  

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]it’s really all about injecting big fat funky baselines into everything we produce[/quote] Most musicians & producers are a product of their community or of what has inspired them the most, and that definitely rings true for us. Obviously we are huge lovers of old funk, soul, hip hop, disco, and classic rock, but pretty well everything we touch is heavily influenced by that West Coast bass sound. A “sound” that is hard to define, as we really write and play all tempos of music. For us it’s more about bridging the gap between funk and bass. With the West Coast scene being in our own backyard – a music scene that right now is really unparalleled in the rest of the world – we are super fortunate to have a strong fan base that is in tune with that sound, hungry for big bass but also really open-minded, which gives us a lot of room to experiment with different genres in the studio and soak up inspiration from all over – be it Glitch Hop, Drum and Bass, Midtempo etc. At the end of the day, whatever we are creating, it’s really all about injecting big fat funky baselines into everything we produce. That’s kinda what that West Coast sound is all about, its a feeling, and unlike most genres or styles, it’s certainly not tied to any one tempo, which is a really exciting place to be!

You guys have pretty much been touring nonstop. Your festival schedule is looking pretty crazy. What kind of inspiration do you take from putting on such high energy performances so frequently?  

We have been touring nonstop but people seem to be dancing nonstop these days! Its crazy how many shows/festivals/events there are at any given time in any city and yet people seem to be loving every minute of it. When people we meet on the road ask us “How long have you been on tour?” we usually jokingly respond with “Oh 3 or 4 years!” Honestly, I don’t think we’ve had any real downtime since the day this turned into our full-time job. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Its easy to stay inspired when you are doing what you love and people seem to love what you are doing!

I know you guys have an awesome “music comes first” policy when it comes to building your sets. Can you talk a little bit about your philosophy on playing different musical genres?   

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]We love to take people on a journey and keep them guessing as to what will come next.[/quote] We just love so many styles of music that its hard to stick to one genre. If anything, it just feels wrong to play one tempo or one style when we are constantly being inspired by such diverse music. We love to take people on a journey and keep them guessing as to what will come next. This goes back to the idea of “hunting” good music. It’s never been about a specific style, tempo, or genre, for us the Funk can be found anywhere, and when we find it, we’re gonna play it!

Ever played at MoNo before? 

No this will be are 1st time at MoNo. We are pumped!

TFH_Photo_CWhat are you most excited about playing at MoNo 2013? 

We’ve heard a lot of great things about the festival and are stoked to see the production.  We performed at Sync fest in the same location a couple years ago and thought it was beautiful spot!

What do you bring to your set that is unique to the Funk Hunters?

We try to mix and mash a lot of different styles and sounds in our set.  We’re also one of the few if not the only people we know of rocking a Live 4-turntable Audio Visual show with our very own custom synced visuals. In addition to that, we collaborate with a lot of different MC’s and musicians to bring something fresh to our sets. Right now for example we are typing to ya from the road out on the East Coast touring at a bunch of festivals with our Saxophone player!

How would you describe your musical stylings to someone who had never seen or heard you?

Super funky and fun multi genre bass music mixed live on 4 turntables with custom visuals and plenty of surprises!

Any sets you’re excited to see at MoNo?

There are a lot of good friends on the lineup that we don’t get to see to often with everyone’s busy schedules. Unfortunately we have to take off Saturday down to What The Festival in the States, so we’ll have to catch as much as we can on Friday night! Peeps like Goosebumpz, Fort Knox, Ill Esha, Jpod, Marten Horger, Longwalk, Knight Riderz, Soup, Mr Rogers, Stickybuds, Neon Steve, Stylust, Tantric Decks, shit the list goes on! But we have been wanting to check out K+lab for some time now, his latest album is really dope!

Just finished the European leg of your 2013 Summer tour: who has the best dancers?

Easily Canada, although we did see some pretty crazy dancers in Croatia!

Fav thing about BC festivals and Canadian fans?

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]Out of all the countries around the world we have performed in, nobody gets down like in Western Canada.[/quote] Out of all the countries around the world we have performed in, nobody gets down like in Western Canada.  People here are super in tune with the music and love when you connect with them.  Its like one positively raging family of awesomeness!

What’s the next big thing for the Funk Hunters?

This month we are launching a new all original music label, Westwood Recordings, which will feature a lot of our own original music but also a wide variety of remixes and music from all genres and collaborators around the globe that we wanna help spread and support. The first EP “Soul Beat” drops at the end to the month with an insane cast of friends involved: CMC & Silenta from Germany worked on the production with Nick, Erica Dee & Honey Larochelle are on the vocals, and the incredible Utah Jazz, BreakBeatBuddha, and Neighbour are on remix duty! So we couldn’t be more stoked on the debut release and what’s to come on Westwood!

Make sure to catch The Funk Hunters this weekend at 2:15 am Friday night on The Temple stage at Motion Notion or 12:30 pm Sunday at the What The Festival pool party! Or, catch their set at Shambhala Music festival 10 pm at The Fractal Forest!

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