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Calgary Celebrates 20 Years of Fright Night


I’ll never forget my first Fright Night party. It was back in the days when parties went well into the wee hours of the morning, and the locations weren’t announced until the day of. In those days, we only had about two locations in Calgary that could house an all night dance event of that size – Firepark and Rollerland. I remember the day of the party, calling the information line and hearing the recording with the venue say “The Rugby Club.” Uh, what? The Calgary Rugby Club was super tiny. There was no way it could be there. There must be some mistake. How could the Rugby Club host a two room event with DJ Hype????

Regardless, my friends and I hopped in the car and made our way to the rave. When we pulled up to the Rugby Club we could see, this was not the tiny house-like venue we were used to. Two massive white tents had been erected over the adjacent fields, and the place was bumpin’. There were party kids everywhere! And when Hype took the stage, whoa. I was so young at the time, and I can’t really remember specifics in terms of tracks or anything, but I can fully remember the feeling that I was taking part in something special. I remember massive joints being passed around the front of the crowd, and I remember the feeling of junglist community. That was Fright Night 6…

rave2The Only Existing Photo in my Collection of Fright Night 5 (at the paintball place)

About 15 years have passed since that event, and Fright Night is still going strong as one of the best Halloween parties in the city – certainly one of the longest running. If you’re a junglist, there’s no other place to be. Over the years Fright Night has brought some crazy talent to this city: DJ Hype, Shy FX, Sub Zero and Zinc to name a few of the dons that have come to grace the 1’s and 2’s. This year looks pretty mental, as the guys in 403 DNB have booked a massive two room venue to host the madness, Nite Owl.

“On big shows like this we always aim to host something from the old school and something from the new,” says 403 DNB head honcho Curtis Wernham, better known to many as DJ Big Worm. A goal 403 has truly attained through the booking of Micky Finn and Original Sin. Micky Finn was one of the top dogs of the late 90s, arguably best known for his 90s banger with Aphrodite, “Badass.” As for Original Sin, he’s one of the newer generation repping the Playaz family, led by badman DJ Hype.

If dnb ain’t 100% your thing, that’s totally cool, because Noctilux Collective will be taking over the basement with dungeon appropriate music. Very spooky! Basically if you miss this party when Halloween is actually on a Saturday, you’re freaking nuts! This event is All You Need is Bass approved.

You can still cop tickets hard copy from Treehouse Culture and Grass Roots, as well as through  This one is going to be rad, so don’t miss out. Don’t be the chump standing at the door on Halloween dressed like a banana with nowhere to go when the party’s sold out! Not hot.

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