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Burning Man Turning Away Burners Temporarily Due to Rain


A muddy and slick playa captured from the Burning Man Live Steam Monday August 25th 9:40 AM


Burning Man event organizers have had to close the gates this morning until at least midday Tuesday due to the weather. The rain and standing water on the playa are currently creating unsafe driving conditions. Attendees who made it inside the gates before the closure are being asked to stay in place and any attendees outside the gates are being asked to turn around.

Rain can be extremely rare on the playa, but when it does happen, even the smallest amount of rain can turn Burning Man into a goopy mess with stuck cars, sinking RV’s and unrideable biking conditions. Unfortunately, closing the gates temporarily and turning burners back to Reno is a far better idea then dealing with the vehicles of up to 70,000 attendees becoming stuck.

Already, this years Burning Man has had a bit of a rocky start with expected wait times of up to 4 hours to enter the grounds. To help alleviate that problem organizers opened the gates even earlier than previous years to try and reduce traffic congestion. However, reports were coming in that prior to the closure the wait was 2-3 hours from Wadsworth to 8 mile then an additional 5-6 hours to get through the gate and be offcially welcomed “home”.

If you’re traveling to Burning Man today, stop where you are or head to Reno and wait for an official update from Burning Man that the gates are open again. You might even then want to take your time getting there. There was already an estimated 10,000 people outside the gates when they closed so the wait times when they do open again will be even longer. Remember everyone is doing their job to the best they can to get you inside with your safety in mind. Listen to the event officials and obey the law enforcers on the roads with a smile if you are asked to turn around.

Reno always has a bunch of hotel rooms with special Burning Man rates. Check out this site and make yourself a reservation for a night or two:

Don’t worry! There is a beautiful rainbow coming at the end of these travel inconveniences. The gates will open again and Burning Man’s magic will fill your heart at the moment it’s supposed to. This is just a small part of the journey. Enjoy this experience and know that the clouds are expected to part and bring you a full week of dry sunny conditions with a chance of strong winds on Saturday.



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