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Dirty Dubsters (ft Chip Fu and Screechy Dan): Big Sound

You know when you hear a song, and you know that song will become an integral part of your summer? The song will accompany you on road trips, bike rides, at the beach, at home. Years later, when you hear the song, memories of those times come flooding back, and you can’t help but let out a satisfied “ahhhhhhh” as you think of the smiles, the laughs, the memories.

“Big Sound”, the new single from Ireland’s Dirty Dubsters is just such a song. The first single off their forthcoming full-length album Special Request, “Big Sound” is c the perfect study of what the Dubsters’ label Irish Moss Records encompasses as a whole. Chip Fu and Screechy Dan are repeat collaborators with the Dubsters, and we can see why.

Give the track a listen, and check out the steamy vid!

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