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Best of 2014: Top 25 Drum and Bass Tracks Picked by the DnB Girls of Canada


The Top 25 DNB Tracks of 2014 – Top 5 Tracks Picked by 5 DnB Girls of Canada

2014 was definitely a really strong year for drum and bass. Maybe even the best in quite some time. All styles seemed to be bringing the heat on the regular -liquid, neuro, jump up, footwork jungle – mmmm mmmm good. In fact, there was so much going on in drum and bass this year, with classic labels releasing huge compilations, household names producing full-length albums, and newer artists crushing out stellar EPs and collaborations, that it all gets a little tough to navigate through. Is Om Unit actually making drum and bass on Metalheadz? Is dBridge’s imprint Exit Records pushing the most forward thinking sounds? Who’s making all that savage and rowdy jump up these days? So many sounds, so many questions.

There’s no better group to steer us through the soundclash of 2014 than the DnB Girls of Canada. When it comes to what’s hot and new, these ladies are constantly at the top of their game, crushing out the dopest sounds across Canada. From blog mixes, to radio shows,  to dance floors, these boss ladies are running tings! They shared their favourites from the year with us, and wow, there’s some tasty tasty bass goodness in here.

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