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BASSpod: Spiral Architects at FozzyFest 2014

Fozzy Fest was an amazing festival, it just seemed like all the pieces fell together perfectly. The location sat on the best sandy beach we’ve come across in Canada, the sound system was turned up to perfection and the crowd had that familiar feeling. All that was needed was an audio discourse to get the night going crazy.  Luckily, we had Spiral Architects coming up on the decks.

The great thing about seeing Spiral Architects is that you know you’re going to be down for the freshest, hardest drum and bass tunes there are. It’s not like going to see some DJ who you think is going to play DNB but then slips into a dubstep, moombathon, hardstyle catastrophe. No, there’s none of that bullshit here.  You get the real unadulterated, straight up DNB tech styles you’re looking for here.

Spiral Architects – it’s the real deal.



Fozzy Fest 2014 Track List
Hungry For Atmosphere (Original Mix) Mako, DLR, Ant TC1, Villem
Shredder (Original Mix) Optiv, BTK
Big Blow (Original Mix) Teddy Killerz
Gravity (Original Mix) Mind Vortex
Headroom (Audio VIP) Cause4Concern
Indigo (Original Mix) Signs
Exploration (Original Mix) Prolix, Rido
Epsilon (Original Mix) The Upbeats, InsideInfo
F.A.T.E. (Original Mix) Chris SU
Void Main Void (Original Mix) Emperor, Mefjus
Punisher (Original Mix) Cruk
MDMX feat. Dieselboy (Original Mix) Gridlok
1_2_3_4 (Original Mix) Rockwell
Unconscious (Original Mix) Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind
Thru The Vibe (John B Remix) Omni Trio
Void (Original Mix) Optiv, BTK, Cold Fusion
Bronson (Original Mix) Teddy Killerz
Diffused (Original) The Upbeats
Transmission (Original Mix) Prolix, Mob Tactics
Scavenger (Original Mix) Calyx, TeeBee
Nothing Matters feat. Skin (Noisia Remix) Mark Knight, Skin
Tales feat. Kris De La Renta (Original Mix) Staticalpha, Kris De La Renta



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