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BASSPod: Crazy Daylight

Crazy-DaylightWe have officially turned one at AYNiB. What better way to celebrate our coming of age than to kick off our official podcast series? – A necessary rite of passage for any music site. After many flirtations with the artists featured in the Village series, we were searching for the perfect person to officially go all the way with. This artist wouldn’t have to be sensitive, funny, tall or short. We wanted only one characteristic from our new musical suitor. Sick beats.

The man we chose to carry us over the threshold into official pocast-dom is none other than Australia’s Crazy Daylight. With releases on many of the most well known bass labels, Simplify, Adapted, and even Calgary based Tycho Records; Crazy Daylight has been making his rounds through global circles of glitch. It was in fact Tycho Records, and Calgary stage design group Space Invaderz, that turned AYNiB onto Crazy Daylight at a rowdy show in Calgary – a blind date of sorts. We’ve been digging his style from afar ever since, eagerly awaiting date number two.

Aside from Crazy Daylight’s impressive back catalog of releases on the aforementioned labels, it’s his bouncy beats, fun demeanor, and zest for creativity and live performance which left us wanting more. Performing his vocals live at shows, Crazy has cited 90s pop music as one of his main influences when it comes to his signature sound. Obsessed with music videos as a kid, he logged hours watching, and taking it all in. Also citing some of the top producers of the day as influences, such as Savant and Gramatik, it’s no surprise his pop culture influenced bass transcends the confines of regular commercial pop music. Crazy Daylight hold his own with the bass music all stars.

The mix features a ton of Crazy Daylight originals, including a bunch of tracks from his new EP, set to come out any day.


Thanks to Crazy Daylight for taking us into music site maturity, and being our first official podcast! Years from now, when we look back on our first podcast, we can be happy it was more than just a sweaty speaker hump on the dancefloor – it was something real!

To keep up with Crazy Daylight and all his latest news and releases, go to his website, his Facebook and his SoundCloud

Crazy Daylight Bass Pod Track List:

  • Aquastage – Model Melt
  • One More Time – Daft Punk (Tantric Decks and Crazy Daylight Remix)
  • Fully Blown – Datsik (Crazy Daylight Remix)
  • Good Vibrations – Crazy Daylight
  • Baby Gets Down – Crazy Daylight
  • Modern Stalking – Teknizm and Olux (Farfetchd and Crazy Daylight Remix)
  • Want Blood – Crazy Daylight
  • Bus Tune – Gruff Purple
  • Grapes – Crazy Daylight (K-Theory Remix)
  • Fanny Schmella – Gruff
  • Bj Instigator – Crazy Daylight
  • Rollin Twisted – Crazy Daylight
  • Killin It – Krewella (Mutrix Remix)
  • Want Blood – Crazy Daylight (Tantric Decks Remix)
  • Arachnid – Subvibe and Mizuki
  • Self Destruct – Pegboard Nerds
  • Bonafide Hustler – Datsik (Trap VIP)
  • Pop It Like Dis – Crazy Daylight
  • The D is Silent – Gruff
  • High Roller – OG Status
  • Lore of the Gods – Crazy Daylight
  • Jedi Tricks – Trevor Kelly (Crazy Daylight Remix)
  • Feel the Heat – World Class Art Thieves
  • Disco Violence – Crazy Daylight

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 Record Labels: Simplify / Tycho / Adapted


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