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Aphex Twin’s Syro Announced Through The Deep Web (and a Blimp)


UPDATE 08/21/14: ‘Syro’ is set to drop on September 22 on Warp Records

What does a blimp, some graffiti, and a link to the deep web all have in common? That seems to be the perfectly enigmatic marketing campaign for Aphex Twin’s new album Syro. The mad genius behind some of the most ground breaking and influential music has just given a master class on how to to create instant buzz for the release of his first studio album in 13 years.

On August 16th a blimp bearing the Aphex Twin logo paired with 2014 appeared above London, England. Shortly there after the same logo was stenciled in front of New York’s Radio City Music Hall. But, it wasn’t until yesterday that buzz really got going.

Photo care of Jonathan Lind @JldLind

Photo care of Jonathan Lind @JldLind

Yesterday, in a fitting display of how awesome Aphex Twin is, he posted a link to a site on the TOR network. This deep web site detailed a 12 track studio album called Syro.

Syro Track List

Why all the excitement over a blimp, some graffiti and a link into the deep web? Since 2001’s Drukqs there has been near radio silence. Sure, there was the release of Chosen Lords but it was a compellation of previously released work. And yes there was the recent release of the lost album Caustic Window, but that was produced back in 1994.  What we are talking about is a brand new music from one of the most enigmatic and influential artists. A new studio album will be something to behold.


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