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Take a trip with The Fungineers

In the magical world of OnceUpona a powerful partnership between beatboxing puppets and a group of talented musicians reigns supreme. Both groups great in their own right, but when their powers combine they form a supergroup some would say are even better than a rainbow.

You’re probably asking yourself, “self, what could possibly be better than a rainbow?” To which I respond “Well crazy person who talks to themselves, The Fungineers are better than a rainbow.”

Their live show is a wild mix of psychedelic fun, beatboxing, and comedy all set to playfull bass heavy sound track. At the helm of this crazy ship is Kyrian O’Kane and his trusted companion Paragon the CyberUnicornTron. With a crew of hilarious musical misfits they take life fold it through 7 dimensions of fun, soak it in a tea, dress it in every color imaginable and then expel it through a bass bin*.  With heavyweight collaborations with the likes of Beardy Man, Opiuo, DubFX, Reggie Watts and numerous others; There is no doubt that everyone wants to join in the fun.

Now lets have some tea.


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Alex is the Editor in Chief and one the founders at All You Need is Bass, and is one of the primary contributors. He is a man of many different hats and musical tastes - plus he looks just smashing in a vest!

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