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403DNBBQ Weekender 2013 Prep Guide


The final countdown is on for the epic 403DNBBQ Weekender, and with less than 2 weeks to go and the excitement is growing! We can’t wait to get to the Stoney Nakoda Casino, have an epic BBQ and get down with a full on weekend of drum and bass. Maybe I’ll even win big at blackjack or get in on a poker game.

Just like any festival, there’s prep needed before hand to get things going right. So, here’s a handy list to ensure your ready for the ultimate Drum & Bass Resort Massive in Canada.

Enter “Show us your Junglist Pride” photo contest for a free ticket! 


Along with 403DNB, we’re giving away 2 tickets to the Weekender. Other than cheap beer all weekend, what more can a junglist ask for than free tickets? Click here to see the full details of the contest, it expires June 14 10 PM MST! The top 5 photos with the most votes will then be judge and winners pick by 403DNB live on CJSW 90.9 on June 14th from 10PM – 12AM MST, during the What Will The Neighbours Think and Remote Emissions programming.

Buy your tickets today! 


Planning on going and don’t have a ticket yet? What are you waiting for? Last thing you want is to miss out on this event because you waited to long to buy your ticket. Get them today before they are gone!! Buy your tickets online here or check out their facebook event for more info. 

Book the Monday off.

Monday Blues

Or at least arrange to show up late to work or school on the Monday. I highly doubt there will be much sleeping happening this weekend and any plans to do so will go awry. There’s too much good music, food, partying and gambling to do and a short amount of time doing it. When was the last time you were at a full on DNB weekend in a casino? I bet never! You should probably figure out who’s going to be driving back to Calgary so your crew can start rewarding that person now for their sacrifice. It will be a long drive back to home and I wouldn’t doubt if there were checkstops on the way back.

Hype yourself up by reading some great 403DNBBQ pre-coverage.


Create a proper road trip playlist.


Groove the entire way in your car to these great mixes by some of the talent from the weekend.

Dubselekta 403DNBBQ Podcasts:

403DNBBQ Promo Mixes:


Headliner Mixes:


MC Mixes:


For more great drum & bass hit up 403DNB’s soundcloud for their official Mix Series or subscribe to their podcast. 

Budget Your Dollars.

Canadian Money

On top of the extra cash you’ll need if you plan to gamble, you will also need some extra cash to eat at the delicious BBQ on Saturday afternoon. There is also a $10 fee for camping and if you really want to enjoy the hotel to it’s full potential you might want some extra cash to enjoy it’s restaurants or room service. We hear the buffet is fantastic. Also, don’t forget to tip your cleaning lady and service staff for their hard work!

Planning on gambling? Leave your debit or credit card locked in a safe place and head to the casino with a set amount of cash. Hopefully, you’re lucky and leave the casino with more than you entered with. But, if you are unlucky, at least you don’t go home dry. Plus, remember to pace yourself to last the entire weekend! No one wants to deal with a broke junglist all weekend.

Brush up on your casino skills.


Watch some Youtube videos or do some light reading to learn the tricks of the trade to better your chances. Learn the rules of rudeboy roulette, roll that craps dice like a pro, don’t look like a fool at the blackjack table, hold that poker face for hours, and know when to walk away from a slot machine.

Practice your junglist lingo.


Boh! This event is gonna be massive! Big ups to the rudeboys for runninz this bizness! Nuff Respect. Deal wid the matter, 403DNB, doin in it proper. Come Selectah! It’s time to rinse out. Watch the ride and brock out. Proper MC rhythms who pon the mic. Long side Junglists! Big tings a gwaan! Boombastic massive and crew! Oh gos danger! Now hear dis! Can we have a rewind on this chune? Wicked! <insert barking> Booyakasha!

Don’t forget your swim suit!


Did someone say pool party?!? Yes, that’s right! Don’t forget to pack a swim suit so you can enjoy the indoor pool with a large twisty water slide!

Be prepared for anything!

Plan B

Heading back to your room or campsite for something? We all know what tent city can be like at a festival. The chances of being sidetracked are quite high. We feel the hallways of the Stoney Nakoda Resort are guaranteed to be filled with opportunities to be invited into private room parties. Plus, the campground could possibly be filled with even more fun times and tailgate parties galore. Who knows who is going to sit next to you at that blackjack table just as you plan to leave. A new friend, potential romance, your favorite DJ? Expect the unexpected, roll with the punches, keep your options open, and have a blast! Just be sure to party responsibly.

Remember, what happens at the 403DNBBQ Weekender, stays at the 403DNBBQ Weekender. But, please dont trash the place, make sure to pick up after yourselves and be nice to all the staff! Let’s make sure there is a 2nd annual 403DNBBQ Weekender by treating Stoney Nakoda Resort the respect it deserves for inviting us junglists to take over their hotel for a weekend.


We shall see you all there! Boh!

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