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2pac isn’t dead, he’s at Coachella 2012!

Snoop Dog didn’t do a good job to help quell my theory that 2Pac is sitting on an island in the Bahamas getting crunk with Kurt Cobain, Brandon Lee, and every other celebrity that discovers that the world is ruled by a race of reptilian overlords.  Now that 2Pac is back in holographic form (or trapped in the Matrix), just think about all the “exciting collaborations” the mainstream record industry is dreaming up! If we are all really lucky, they will get to work on a huge projector and digitize Biggie Smalls’ ugly mug and next year at Coachella we can witness an old school, east coast vs. west coast gangland shoot out between 2Pac and Biggie.  I know who my money is going to be on – and it isn’t the guy who looks like he spent the best years of his life stuffing his gullet at the buffet.


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