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What The Festival!?! A New Experience

There’s a new contender to this year’s bass music festival circuit and we couldn’t be more excited for it’s big debut. The event is happening on July 27 – 29th in the White River Canyon, Oregon, located 100 miles east of Portland and featuring some amazing things.

Over these past few months we’ve been talking with What The Festival and they truly couldn’t sound more jazzed about providing a new festival experience to our community. For us personally, we don’t know what we are more exceited about. Attending a new festival, the gorgeous setting for a venue, experiencing all the amazing attractions and art, or listening to all the amazing acts they have lined up.

We asked WTF:
Why should the bass community be sure to not miss your festival? 

“What The Festival will feature over 50 of the world’s most vanguard electronic artists on high-end sound systems in the midst of tantalizing chill zones, an open-air Hookah lounge, a sandy beach splash pool, and more. Situated in a beautiful desert valley adjacent to Mount Hood, enveloped by the rolling White River and beautiful canyon bluffs, the site sets a perfect stage for an authentic and artistic summer event filled with exceptional music and big art. Combining three days of music, interactive installation art, live painting, and exceptional community experience, WTF will surely be remembered as the Northwest event of the year.”

Tickets are on sale now and are moving quite steadily with many options to choose from. Regular admission, Camping with your car, RV camping, and OMG Experience passes with amazing perks like a private lounge, dedicated check in line, early entry, shower passes and much more! If you already know you’re going and don’t have a ticket yet be sure to buy one today as all ticket prices will be going up on July 1st and from what we hear are even getting limited.

As for the bass music at WTF,  there are many impressive acts on the line up that we have been lucky enough to enjoy at past events and festivals. Acts like: Beats Antique, MiMOSA, Bonobo, MartyParty, Ana Sia, EPROM, LowRIDErz, ill-esha, Laura Low, and El Papa Chango. These are all super talented individuals and we are always stoked to see them again and again. However, there are also a bunch of acts we’ve never seen or even heard of and can’t wait to check them all out. Some of those acts are:

Big Gigantic: A livetronica instrumental hip hop and jazz group that is paired with thunderous bass and frenetic melodies. Saxaphones, drums and big beats! Hell yeah! I’m already dancing in my seat just listening to them.

Kitty D: There was a party here in Vancouver BC with Kitty D years ago that we didn’t find out about until the night of. We arrive and can hear the sweet sweet sounds of bass music pounding through the walls. But, our night was brought to an early end. The line up outside was long and no one had gotten in well over an hour. The promoter came outside and said they are way over capacity and can’t allow anyone inside. It was then we looked at the clock and saw it was almost 1 am. We decided to try and see Kitty D another time. Over 4 years have gone by now and the opportunity to see Kitty D has not been presented to us again until now!

Gladkill: AYNiB loves love and we love lovestep! Looking forward to hearing his diverse blend of sounds outside of our home and in WTF’s gorgeous location. Should be a great time to take it all in and really enjoy the beauty of life.

To see more pics of the festival’s venue check out the facebook album.

This is just a mere taste of what is store at WTF festival. If a splash pool with a sandy beach, an outdoor Hookah Lounge, large and small art installations you can touch and enjoy (comparable to Burning Man) and some amazing bass music acts and more don’t perk your interest you better get yourself checked out! Mark this one down on your calendars. See you there!

Find our more and connect with WTF Festival through our festival directory or on their own website. Plus don’t forget to RSVP to the event, like them on facebook, and follow them on twitter. 

Here’s the full line up:

So, you going or not?

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